Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Extreme Wedding Photo Dump {Part Two, Ceremony}

My two cents is that I firmly believe photography is one of the things in life where you get what you pay for. Do I buy store brand food at Publix? Yes, all the time. I am all about saving money. Ross and TJ Maxx are my happy places. Photography, however, is not something to skimp on IMHO. I am so so happy that I followed my intuition, and got Courtney to do our wedding. These pictures are worth every single cent! They are priceless to me really.
My advice to anyone in the wedding planning process would be to book a good photographer. It is worth the expense to have pictures that you love after the wedding, and also not to worry about how your photos will turn out. Worrying about the quality of your photos is the last thing you need on top of all the other stresses that accompany planning a wedding. I had originally booked another photographer at a lower price point, but ended up deciding that was not the right choice for me.
Nick with his Dad and StepMom
My parents 

Nick and his Mom
My bridesmaids walked up the aisle to The Piano Guys instrumental version of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are. The lyrics "beautiful just the way you are" - exactly how I feel about my friends.
Almost time! This is one of my favorite pictures from the day.
Me and my grandfather. By the time I got to this point, all my stress melted away and I was just having fun! I can't adequately describe how I really felt a weight lift during this walk.

Our ceremony

Such a special moment

Yay! After obsessing over wedding plans for months, it was now time to have fun. We walked out to The Tams Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
This is Brock, who performed our ceremony.
  Nick's family
Nick's family

My family, including my great Aunt, who came from Texas. She spent several weeks with my grandparents and helped my grandmother with the centerpieces. I never realized until recently that she is hilarious.
Our wedding party
Friends we've made it to Hump Day. Part III coming tomorrow!


  1. So pretty! You and you mom look so much alike!

  2. You are so gorgeous! These pictures were definitely worth the money. And I buy a lot of store brand food myself...some of it is even better than the name brands!

  3. Good lord you are so pretty. Like a magazine. I'm glad you spend on the photographer, totally worth it!

  4. What a gorgeous wedding! I love the black and white shot of you before the ceremony! And the backdrop in all of the pictures is stunning!

  5. You have the most gorgeous dress ever, and the colors are perfect!