Friday, February 28, 2014

Triple Crown Day is HERE!!

I am very excited to be on the committee for my dear friend Benson's pageant again this year. This post is from last year's pageant, and this as well.
I was also excited to compare my pre-pageant day selfies and see some progress! I have lost about 12 lbs since last year and want to lose about 5 more to really be my fighting weight for our wedding.
My face was so thin when I did pageants. Face fat, armpit fat, and back fat are the hinges of all evil. Am I right?!
Sometimes I miss being a brunette. I am hoping to get back down to this weight. {Photo cred Jeanna Beasley. She is AMAZING BTW.}
I CANNOT WAIT to see our new Miss River City, Miss Midstate, and Miss Yellow Jasmine Miss and Teens crowned tonight!!! I get a lot of enjoyment out of helping Benson and being part of his committee. Last year I helped the girls prepare for interview at state.
Today will be a long day, so I plan on taking it easy and getting caught up with school work for the rest of the weekend (and maybe some wedding stuff too).
I 've also had two sweet friends were generously offer to help set up decorations and just help in general at my wedding. I was like "Are you sure?!" and "You do know it's in Savannah?!" but they were very willing to volunteer their time. I am SO SO grateful for the help. I think things are coming together.
Have a great weekend y'all!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was this weekend and was so much fun! Showers are the fun part of being engaged, and help make up for the stress of wedding planning. It was hosted by three of my coworkers, and I was amazed at how generous everyone was. I got tons of great stuff!

As soon as I got home Friday night I started unpacking everything, washing it, and getting it settled in it's new home.

A few of the lovely ladies I work with!
Saturday morning I drove to Greenville for a dress fitting. My mom and grandmother met me, and we had lunch at The Pita House. It's owned by friends of my StepDad, and is one of my favorite places to eat in Greenville. My other favorite restaurant in Greenville is Charlie's Steakhouse, where my friend Joe and I used to go when he still lived here.
I was THRILLED that my hard work is paying off and my dress needed to be taken in. I pick it up in two weeks.
Nick was out of town at his cousin's wedding in Las Vegas this weekend. It was fun to show him all the gifts from my shower when he got home. He is excited to start using our wedding china (Kate Spade Cypress Point) because he loathes my every day dishes (Lenox Butler's Panty). I am not sure why he doesn't like Butler's Pantry except maybe it's too girlie for him, or maybe it's hard for his big hands to handle scalloped design?
I am sending out thank you notes as soon as I receive gifts so that is not a big "to do" hanging over my head. So far I like doing it this way.
Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorite Recent Shopping Find

My favorite recent purchase is the Lilly dress I got to wear to our rehearsal dinner. I was THRILLED when I found out there would be Savannah inspired prints in Lilly's spring line this year. Savannah is one of my favorite places, and we picked our wedding venue because we knew we wanted to have our wedding in that area.
In the Garden, Behind the Gates, Iris Blue Chablis, On the Square, and Southern Charm are the Savannah inspired Lilly prints.
I got this dress in Southern Charm for the rehearsal. Our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner is going to be pretty casual, I am wearing Jack Rogers with the dress.
I have a huge wedding to do check list and have about 75% of the tasks on it complete. It is definitely stressful!

TGIF everyone! My work shower is tonight and I am SUPER EXCITED!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

This will have to be a quick recap since I haven't been at work in almost a week due to winter weather, and am trying to get caught up. I only worked Monday and half of Tuesday last week, which made for a nice staycation. I got caught up on some schoolwork, housework, and also rewatched some of season one of Mad Men on Netflix. All in all, a really perfect week.
We had a great Valentine's Day. We exchanged gifts in the morning and cheated on our diet for dinner at Shiano's. Aside from authentic Chicago pizza (Chicago trip recap here), I think Shiano's has the best pizza. It is hands down the best pizza in Columbia, IMO.

I am very thankful that Nick will be my forever Valentine!
Friday night after dinner we experienced an earthquake, so that made for a memorable Valentine's Day. Our house was seriously shaking and rumbling! Did anyone else feel the earthquake Friday night?
Sunday we ran some errands across town. We got some clothes and shoes for Nick to wear on our honeymoon, and ordered our wedding bands. I CANNOT WAIT to wear mine.
I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day Weekend! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Recap

We went to Charleston for my friend Amber's wedding Friday. I took the day off work so we could get there early. We had lunch at Closed for Business and then had a few cocktails before time to get ready for the wedding. We stayed at the Embassy Suites downtown, and got an upgrade thanks to Nick's points (one good thing about him traveling so much for work). I love that the coast is only about two hours from our house, and hope to one day get a weekend house for getaways. I think Beaufort would be my ideal place for a second home.
My BFF Ashley and I lived with Amber in the dorms at Carolina. She looked the best she's ever looked and was so obviously happy at her wedding. Amber's wedding was probably one of the best weddings I've ever been to.
Saturday morning we had breakfast at our hotel and had to get back to pick up Yadi before the vet's office closed. We took it easy for the rest of the weekend. We got Last Vegas from Redbox and both loved it. It was funny and cute, and I like saying "I've been there!" when I see a place in a movie that I've been to before.
Sunday we went grocery shopping and got everything we need for this diet. It was Nick's idea to go on this diet together to get ready for our wedding. So far we are on day two and we both feel GREAT. I had so much energy last night in barre!
Happy Tuesday everyone! I am anxiously awaiting an early dismissal from work due to the SNOW.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Midweek Randoms

1. Our wedding is in 80 days. I'm not going to sugar coat it, planning a wedding is A LOT of stress. My friend Jenna said "Telling a bride not to stress is like saying, 'I'm going to punch you but don't flinch.'" That may be the best analogy I've ever heard.   
2. In 81 days we will be on a plane headed for our honeymoon. It really can't get here quickly enough. We are going to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico and staying in an all-inclusive adults only resort.

3. I now iron my sheets and I really like it. Do any of you iron your sheets?
4. I tried out this place for waxing yesterday at lunch. They are the cheapest in Columbia and did the best job out of anywhere I've ever been. I will definitely be going back. If you are in Columbia, they are located on Devine St.
5. This made me laugh since we had snow last week.
Happy Hump Day! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days & Weekend Recap

Last week I was thrilled to spend two days at home due to inclement weather. I worked ahead in my classes, got some things done around the house, and spent time with Nick. I got behind on blogging, but enjoyed my time at home immensely.
Pics from this weekend
I've made these cookies three times now.
Trinket enjoying our new bedding from Pottery barn.
At our neighbors Super Bowl Party last night. I am loving life in the suburbs.
I also made The Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes. Best mashed potatoes ever. I love Ree and will definitely try out more of her recipes.  
I hope everyone has a great Monday! Trinket and I are looking forward to The Bachelor tonight.