Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wedding Week is here!!

I can't believe wedding week is finally here, and I marry the man of my dreams in just four days.
We had a low key weekend, and took care of some last minute errands for the wedding and honeymoon. We also stopped at D's Wings, which was my last cheat meal until after the wedding. It was worth every calorie.

I am very happy to say that I now weigh 138. I would ideally like to shed another lb or two this week before show time on Saturday. But, I'm really just happy to be back in the 130s! I was 155 last summer when I started losing weight. That was the most I've ever weighed. It didn't feel good, and my clothes hurt. Especially shift dresses, which I wear a lot. They would cut into me around the arm holes.

I am still off of Diet Coke, and it's a lifestyle change at this point, and not a diet. I did have a DC the weekend of my Bachelorette, but it's nothing I can't live without.
I also finished my Articulation Disorders project over the weekend. Checking that off my list was a huge weight off. I submitted it yesterday, which was four days early. 

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a low key weekend at home. I did a good bit of school work, as I am trying to finish everything early due to the wedding. I am very lucky in that I have the same professor for both classes this semester, and she is letting me take my finals early. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to go on our honeymoon until later.
I made a 99 on my project in Language Development (yay!), so now I just have to grind out a project for Articulation Disorders, and all that will be in my way is the two finals. If you are familiar with SLP stuff, the project is based on a Goldman Fristo, and then your recommendation for therapy. I think I am going to write about cycles therapy because I just really like the whole concept and how it doesn't put pressure on the client.

New towels for the guest bath off our registry
Beautiful moon last night
Beverages with dinner last night
Nick and our pups!
It is also worth mentioning that today we celebrate Trinket's Adoption Day. I adopted Trinket in 2008, so I have had her for six years now. She has been by my side for literally everything, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope we are blessed with many more years with Tiny Dog.
Have a great afternoon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jena's Bacheorette Weekend Recap

I had an absolutely amazing weekend! Friday I took full advantage of not being able to go to pure barre because of my stitches, and had a lazy evening at home with the dogs. We got Schiano's takeout and watched old episodes of Mad Men on Netflix. Nick was already out of town for his bachelor party.
Saturday afternoon I drove to my friend (and MOH) Jessie's house. We picked Jena up that evening, and Jena's Bachelorette was underway!
Early in the night.
Jena is absolutely hilarious and kept everyone in stitches all night.

The end of the night.
Sunday I met up with my Mom and we found her MOB dress. So exciting!! I have to brag and tell y'all that I am proud of having a hot Mom!! We found a dress in the color and shape I wanted. I emailed her this picture a few weeks ago, and said I wanted a bright pink sheath dress like the one Lisa Vanderpump is wearing here.

My Mom wears a dress and heels almost every day to teach in, and I am sure she will wear her MOB dress a lot after the wedding. I LOVE clothes you can get lots of wears out of.
Have a great afternoon! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Highs and Lows of the Week

-Wednesday I unexpectedly had to have a very minor outpatient procedure at my dermatologist's office. I had to have an angiolipoma removed. DO NOT google that unless you want to be grossed out (unless you are like me and not much grosses you out). I am very grateful to be out of pain, and to have had it removed quickly so I can have the stitches out and be healing before the wedding and honeymoon. Having stitches on my honeymoon would be dreadful!
-Not being about to go to pure barre because of my stitches is somewhat nice, and also NOT nice at the same time because I want to get in every class I can before the wedding.
-Not only am I not able to go to barre, but I am DYING for junk food. Chick Fil A or Chinese in particular.
-I CANNOT WAIT for Mad Men to be back on!!! Next Sunday.
-I am heading out of town tomorrow for a friend's bachelorette and that is definitely ending the week on a high note!!
Have a great weekend.