Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

Saturday one of my besties, Marcia, and her husband John, visited us. They brought their new puppy, who is a rescue dog they found while camping. She is the sweetest little thing. She also kept Yadi entertained, so much so that for a minute I almost thought about getting a third dog just so he could have a friend.

We left the men at home watching football, and we went shopping. We were seriously out of control. You would think we never get out. We shopped for five hours straight. No sitting, no stopping for fro yo, no Starbucks stops. Just hard shopping. We were exhausted by the end of our day, but both found some great stuff. I am wearing a new hot pink shirt I got today.

It's hard to find a friend you can shop with, so I am lucky to have Marcia!
*I haven't been able to fit into these pants since I started dating Nick two years ago, and now they are loose so that was a nice feeling. :) *

I also practiced transcribing for my Clinical Phonetics class. I had a bad week school wise last week, but I think things are looking up now.
I hope everyone has a great Monday! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Milwaukee Recap

This week has kicked my @$$, so I am just now getting around to posting Part II of Siblings Weekend.
Friday after Starbucks and watching a few episodes of Orange is the New Black, we took a train to Milwaukee. Nick's sister, who we hadn't seen since Christmas, picked us up from the train station and shortly after we were on our way to our brewery tour.
We took a tour of Lakefront Brewery and it was the best time. We all loved our tour guide, Jason.

We had dinner at Café Benelux in the historic Third Ward of Milwaukee. Dinner was a blast and we never made it out that night. We ended up back at our hotel. The next day we were back out bright and early to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes football game.

After a detour to Coyote Ugly, we went to Miller Park to cheer for our Cardinals.

It's only September and already cold in Wisconsin. Everyone laughed at me for thinking it was cold, however I was happy for a chance to wear my fall clothes.

We spent the night in Nick's sister's new house and got the chance to meet her new beau. Sadly, the next day was Sunday and after lunch at the Cheesecake Factory we were Southbound. It's always so hard to come back to reality after an amazing vacation.
I was sad to leave and Nick and I both look forward to seeing everyone again at the holidays. The way this semester is going, the holidays cannot get here soon enough for me.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chicago Recap

Thursday afternoon, after multiple weather delays, we finally made it to Chicago. Nick's brother had a car service pick us up, and deliver us right to his doorstep. Once we arrived, we didn't waste much time getting into vacation mode.
First we headed to Wrigleyville for a few drinks. I tried Angry Orchard and like it a lot. If you like cider, definitely try it.

  Next we went to "The Bean" aka Cloud Gate in Millennial Park. I LOVE Chicago. It is so beautiful and there is so much to do there. I am a little obsessed and know I have to visit again.

Now I will reveal what a piggy I really am. We had dinner at Pizzeria Uno and it was seriously the BEST pizza I have ever had in my entire life. Other pizza is garbage to me now. The crust was flaky like a pastry. The marinara is on the top layer of the pizza, and is oh so good.
Our last stop of the night was for drinks at The Signature Room, which is on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center.
Nick's brother was a wonderful host and made sure we saw lots of Chicago sights. The next day we headed to Milwaukee for Part II of Siblings Weekend. Recap coming soon!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wheels UP!

I am grinding out today at work and class tonight, and then I am wheels up! We are attending a Siblings Weekend in Chicago and Milwaukee.
Nick's brother lives in Chicago and his sister just moved to the Milwaukee area. I can't wait!!

I am so ready for some real fall weather, and you better believe I have scarves and boots already in my suitcase.
Can you name that movie?
It's one of my all time favorites.
I'll be back with a trip recap next week, and will be on Instagram in the mean time (I'm gamecockfran if you want to be Instagram friends).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Wishes

Today I am daydreaming of wearing lots of black this fall and winter. This outfit is so chic.
And of maybe adding some lowlights for fall at my next hair appointment. I really look forward to my hair appointments and am due for one.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always looks like a million dollars. I love when she has some darker blonde and light brown in her hair.  
Have a great Tuesday! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

I started this weekend with a much needed trip to the nail salon. I live in a small town, and luckily in our tiny little shopping center we have a pretty good nail salon.

I am SO happy to be wearing a fall color on my nails. This is Essie Wicked.
Saturday afternoon we tailgated with some good friends and cheered on our Gamecocks.

I am super angry at my dry cleaners about this dress. This is a Calvin Klein dress and I've only worn it twice. I had it dry cleaned a few weeks ago, and didn't really look at it until I put it on Saturday. As we were running out the door, I felt something a little off and realized the hem was completely out. I am not sure what happened, but I am certain they are to blame.
Sunday I spent almost the entire day studying, which was as painful as it sounds, but I made sure to make a Target run that morning and scooped up this gem from the Phillip Lim collection.

I am not a huge Target fan or frequent Target shopper like a lot of people are. I'm not always pleased with the quality of their merchandise, especially the clothing. I got some of the Missoni collection, and while I LOVE the prints, I am glad I didn't get more than the few items that I got. I just got some small stuff like makeup bags and scarves, and they held up OK, not great. The material frayed and tore up some. I am also not a huge fan of faux bags, but I couldn't pass this up and am already carrying it.
I stayed up way too late watching Miss America last night and hope today goes by quickly. Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miss America 2014

First of all, may God bless America always.

Miss America is Sunday night, so you know I have been following the preliminary competition and I will be watching this weekend.
The Miss Mississippi pageant was very competitive this year (I posted about it here), and I think the reigning Miss Mississippi, Chelsea Rick is a strong contestant.

Miss Kansas has gotten a lot of hype, and at first I wasn't too enthused about the idea of large tattoos on a contestant, but I think she is beautiful!!

While I am not usually a fan of tattoos, I have to admit to having one so I'm not a huge hypocrite. I wish I'd never gotten mine and would like to have it removed. I can't really justify the expense of removal however, because it is small and is not even visible in a two piece swim suit. It's a small crown and I got it after I aged out of pageants. I liked the idea of a small crown tattoo at the time, but I don't like how it doesn't look delicate at all, and ever since I've gotten it I feel like I see people everywhere who look like they are frequent clients of the criminal justice system with crown tattoos.
Let me know what your Miss America picks are!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Shopping Rehabilition

One of my closest and dearest friends, Joe, is an immaculate dresser. He wears a lot of quality clothing (I think J. Peterman is his favorite), but doesn't have a huge wardrobe. Recently I was indulging my Kennedys interest, and read that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was the same way with clothing.
This got me thinking about my own closet, and how often I've bought a cheap shirt from somewhere like Forever 21 and only worn it once, or not been pleased with how its made or fits. I think from here on out I am going to try to buy less clothing, but more classic and quality pieces.
I noticed that Carolyn Bessette Kenndy wore a lot of neutral colors, and a lot of timeless silhouettes . Some of the pictures I found of her were very 90s, but most of her clothing could be worn today.

I think I've already been leaning more in this direction with my shopping habits (today I am wearing a Calvin Klein sheath dress and it fits like a glove, I love it!), but now I am really going to make a conscious effort to only invest in pieces that will last and that I will love for a long time.
Happy Monday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

TGIF!! I'm jumping on the Five on Friday bandwagon today. This is a random list, but it's what is on my mind today.
1. This adorable little fuzzy showed up on my fb feed today from The Lovely Find. There is a mini donkey that lives at the venue where we are having our wedding. I think they are so darling!

2. We are still battling typical high temps and humidity in Columbia, but I am ready for Fall! Bring it on. I am ready to be wearing the things I got for this year's Fall wants. I'm always wearing the yoga crop pants, but I know I still have weeks and weeks before it gets cool enough to use the jacket, or my scarf from last year's splurge.
*I got this image from google and am using it even though I noticed this person misspelled coziness.*
3. I picked this up last year to wear with a black dress to a rehearsal dinner and it became my Fall nail polish staple.
4. Nick has been traveling a lot lately. I am so thankful I have our two fur babies at home to keep me company.
5. I used to wear heels to work religiously, however my office can be pretty casual and heels just felt too overdressed. I picked up a pair of gold metallic flats from Rue La La Tuesday night (when I was supposed to be studying). I love knowing I am expecting a package in the mail. It's one of the best feelings. I can't wait to try them out.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday on a Thursday

I totally meant to post yesterday for Wedding Wednesday, but didn't make it. Wednesdays feel like the death of me since I work from 8:30 to 5 and then go to class from 5:30 to 8.
I have the venue booked, photographer booked (and paid in full-I HATE making payments on anything), dress (due to arrive in late December), shoes, and the STDs will be printed soon.
It's finally starting to really feel REAL, if that makes sense.
Friday night I was watching Bride Day on TLC and saw this wedding on a special episode of SYTTD: The Big Day and am totally in love with the style. Obviously my budget is NOT what this girls was, but I am still obsessing over all her pink and white details.
The bride is named Krystle, and if you see this episode on TV you have to stop and watch it just to see her cute rescue dogs get their wedding wear. Sadly animals are not allowed at my venue, so neither of our dogs will be at our wedding.

I doubt I will really order a cake this large, but I love how a huge cake looks in photographs.
I am finally getting past the point of wedding planning where it felt like I had so much to do that I didn't even know where to begin.
Have a great night!