Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a great (and busy!) weekend. Friday I got off early (yay for comp time) and got a pedi. We had dinner at Olive Garden that night, and left feeling like stuffed sausages. Saturday we ran errands. I picked up some items for the new living room, and we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Nick hates shopping, but he was very patient as we made several stops including Target, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods.
Sunday we visited my grandparents for Father's Day. My grandfather had to have his 15 year old beagle mix, Taco, put to sleep three days before our wedding. It was very sad for our whole family. He adopted a new dog recently and we were excited to get to meet Andy. He is super cute and so affectionate, although I forgot to take any pictures.
After lunch at my grandparents, we helped my Mom give William a bath. William is her mini pig. He is cute, but usually very bad. He bit me in November and I cried (mostly just because it hurt my feelings). He apparently respects Nick though, because he was really good for him. Nick kept asking me if I was jealous that William is good for him, and I said no, that I am proud I married someone with such good pig wrangling skills.
My quarter horse, Melissa Sue, is bottom right. She has Navicular and can't be ridden anymore, but she was an absolutely wonderful riding horse and won a lot of blue ribbons for me in high school.
We ended Sunday night by grilling out at home and eating dinner on our patio. Overall it was a wonderful weekend that went by much too quickly.
I am battling a terrible headache, but hope to stay to finish the workday and make it to pure barre after work. I hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. So sad that William hurt your feelings haha! What a cutie though!!!

  2. Hysterical that your mom has a pet pig!! Your horse is gorgeous and of course, I hate to hear about any dog having to be put down, but especially a beagle! :(

  3. i always feel like a stuffed sausage when i go to olive garden, its hard not to with that delicious bread

  4. I love your (& your family's) love for all animals :-) I have to bribe my guy too to go shopping, thank goodness they just put a Bar Louie in our mall here! Mom, Olive Garden ;-)

  5. Hey pretty thang ;) Beautiful horse too! I bet she was fun to ride!