Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm pretty sure I have a mental breakdown and write a post like this every semester, so I apologize if everyone is extremely bored with my posts about school by now.
So, as if rejoining the workforce after a beautiful wedding and absolutely amazing honeymoon wasn't hard enough, summer school has started. I am struggling. I haven't take a class in summer since I was in undergrad-in 2004. Yes, ten long years ago! And I didn't work full time then. That summer I lived at home and waited tables at what used to be Pitchers on Lake Hartwell. Yes, I am from the upstate, but went to Carolina, so 99% of the people I worked with at Pitchers were Clemson students. That summer I took Microbiology at Tri County Tech, and it wasn't too bad.
I know that I am lucky I even got into a competitive graduate program, and very blessed to have the opportunity to go to school at age 29. I have NO reason to complain. None at all. I am just being honest here - sometimes it is really hard. I get off work and I am mentally drained and just want to watch Real Housewives relax, not get started on studying for the day. South Carolina summers are beautiful, and I want to be outside. I will be the first to tell you that being an adult student requires a lot of sacrifices.
I know I will pull myself together and do it. I have to, and I always do. "Nothing to it but to do it" is what I tell myself. Last semester was my best semester of grad school thus far, I ended up with two As and a B+.
This summer I am taking Research Methods (so far not that hard, just very dull), and Neuro. Neuro is awful. Yes, sounds interesting, and it is, but very very hard. Last night I was trying to study, and I say try because I really wasn't doing much of anything. I had a headache all.day.long. yesterday, so basically all I was doing was moving my eyes across the page and not actually understanding anything.
So, dear readers, please excuse my breakdown. I have my first test in Neuro Friday, so hopefully I can get myself together to study for it between now and then, and I will be feeling better. I know I want to finish this program, and I know I will absolutely love having a new (better paying) career when it is over. I just have to remind myself sometimes.
I will be back with better posts soon! Thank you if you made it through reading this.


  1. So sorry to hear that you're struggling... you aren't alone though! It's TOUGH working full time and going to grad school. You are doing an awesome job though! I will say a prayer that you are able to find a little bit of ease with this summer semester. You go girl!!!

  2. Good luck on your test! You got this. I don't envy you - I definitely don't miss school. It's hard!

  3. I am so brain dead from last semester, so I honestly can't even imagine studying anything right now. And on top of a full-time job? I'd probably cry and have mental breakdowns every night. That plus wedding planning? Impossible! You are seriously a rockstar! I think it's great that you're going back to school and going for a dream of yours! Good luck on your test, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!

  4. I wish you luck on your Neuro exam! You're gonna rock it girl!