Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Recap & Summer Home Decor

I really thought this weekend was going to be a bust (again), but it was pretty fun and relaxing. Friday night I helped my darling Benson prep his two girls who will be competing in Miss SC later this month for interview. They were all dieting for state, so we had a vegetable tray for supper. We really had a lot of fun, and he has wonderful queens this year.
Saturday I spent almost all day in a CPR/First Aid training. I am glad to have the skills, and I understand why it is required for my program, however it wasn't the most fun way to spend a Saturday. I think the class was especially slow for me because I've taken it before. I also stayed up way too late the night before so I was really tired. That evening I took a nap, and made Bow Tie Fiesta and my favorite chocolate chip cookies. Nick was out of town so the dogs and I watched a movie.
Sunday I went to Sunday school, church service, and stayed for a VBS training. I spent the rest of Sunday working on putting up summer decorations. I love these plates I found at HomeGoods!
 //summer talbescape//
 //Trinket napping//
 //shell table runner, another HomeGoods find//
 //table runner for our cabinet//
 //I decided the lamp I had in the living room didn't really fit so I changed it out for this one from HomeGoods//
 //Guest room//
//HomeGoods find for our guest room//
As you can see, I've had a lot of luck at HomeGoods recently. I hope all y'all had a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for reading!
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