Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Perfect Day

I am loving life on winter break. Yesterday was a perfect day. I worked (so not really a perfect day), got off, walked both dogs (yay for 60 degree days in December), and then settled in for a night of tv watching. I made hot chocolate and cuddled up under a blanket with the dogs in front of the tv.
We watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That has never been my favorite cast, and Brandi gets on my last nerve, but I still enjoyed it. I like it slightly better now that Ashley Abbott Eileen Davis is on the show.
I am going to barre today and probably Friday as well, but other than that I see lots of catching up on tv in my future and I am happy about it. That might be a lame thing to want to do with your free time, but my free time is precious because I don't get much of it and I want to spend it relaxing.
I am also loving Party Down South 2 right now. Do any of y'all watch it?
Ashton is hands down my favorite. She seems like such a nice girl and is so cute. I want to tell her to stay away from Bradley! I love the name Ashton.
Raven is beyond annoying and is so lazy, and I don't know why Bradley likes her. He's not exactly some great prize, so I say she can have him. Tommy is cute as a button. Karynda is funny, but wow is she country. In my opinion, where she is from (Jacksonville NC) is very country. I am unfortunately familiar with Camp Lejune and Jacksonville NC since I used to date someone in the military. Do not get me wrong, I have A LOT of appreciation for our military and I am proud to have a lot of family members in the military. They make a lot of sacrifices, and I am very grateful for that. Jacksonville is just very country, and I personally have a really bad association with it and Camp Lejune. (You know everyone has a nasty ass ex.) All of that makes me very grateful that I am married to the person I am married to!!
In fact, with that in mind I need to remember to do something extra nice for my hubby. He will gone on a fun hunting trip with the Reverend (our friend that married us) for several days so I will have to make myself a note so I don't forget.
This post was kind of all over the place, but it is what's on my mind today. Happy Hump Day everyone!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Spring Semester Wants

I love to look ahead to the coming season and make up a list of my wants. Here and here are some of my previous wish lists. This isn't my Christmas wish list, but rather things I want to buy myself after the holidays are over. I am currently on a freeze for personal clothing items, but I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I just have a few little last minute things to get people.
I really want to get another Elsa top and another shift dress. Those are both things I can wear to Speech Camp this summer. I also need another pair of black jeans to get me through next fall and winter. The ones I have are from Target and look absolutely terrible. They are so faded.
I am excited to see what Lilly Pulitzer will come out with for spring and summer this year. So far I've heard good things! I am really trying to think ahead to what kind of items I will need when I am no longer at an office job. My needs are going to change somewhat, for example my first "clinical" or "practicum" (whatever you want to call it) is working with children. Some of the children will be as young as pre-school age. I do not think pencil skirts and heels will be practical to wear, so I am not buying anymore. I think a few new things to add to what I already have in my closet will get me through for a while.
Oh, and let's not forget the obvious...I have to buy books!! I will be honest and say I have not even looked at the list for Spring Semester yet. I am just trying to soak in every minute of winter break while I can.
This is my last full week of work for 2014! Happy Monday everyone.
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Christmas Card

I was on top of the world after finishing classes only to come down with a terrible cold the first day of  winter break. I had to leave work at lunchtime yesterday, and I've been at home ever since. I am happy that I ended up with a C and an A in my two classes this semester. I never thought I would see the day when I was happy to get a C, but it is what it is. 

I wanted to share our Christmas card with y'all. I was happy to have another reason to use our gorgeous wedding photos. My friend Erin (Toasted E Designs on Etsy) made these. I used to work with her at the Islander (my favorite job ever), and she is a graphic design artist. She also made our STDs, invitations, and programs. I always love everything she creates. 

We made it through another week! TGIF tomorrow.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Dining Room

We had a very full weekend. Friday after work we went to check out Nadeau here in Columbia. I LOVED the store, in fact, I hate to tell anyone about it because I want all the things there for myself. I will definitely be going back. Saturday I spent the entire day presenting at a research festival, and Sunday was spent at church and studying.
We purchased dining room furniture on Friday evening, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's GORGEOUS!
I wanted to go with a put together, but not matchy-matchy look. I am trying to have items that look like they were selected with care, like what a decorator might do.
new china cabinet
 Some of my Spode Christmas Tree china

 Finally unpacking wedding gifts now that we have somewhere to put them
 A few more details
I will not leave the Spode dishes in the china cabinet year round. I plan on putting more fun accents in there after the holidays. I will probably change them seasonally. I saw a ceramic bunny at Neadeau while we were there that I will probably go back for this week (for Easter/Spring d├ęcor). I can't say enough good things about the store. Their employees were very helpful  and they gave me a gift with our purchase. Their prices were very reasonable too. We also got a bar for our eat in kitchen, and it has some storage in it which is nice. I found some of my cookbooks and a few other wedding gifts a new home in it.
Prayers would be much appreciated as I am waiting for a grade in one of my classes. I am very worried about the last test that I took for this class. It was difficult and I found it very confusing, and I also got really nervous and froze up during the test.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
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Friday, December 5, 2014

If You Really Knew Me

I've seen a few of these posts floating around lately and thought I would do one (although I'm pretty sure I have before) because I don't have much to post on. I am in survival mode trying to finish out this semester.
1. I have come to realize that I am a stressoholic. I have been this way since 7th grade. Every week it is something new - a test, something happening at work, a project, a paper. It needs to stop. I need better coping skills.
2. I loved high school. I have the happiest memories of old Woodmont High. All old high school movies really remind me of high school, including Dazed and Confused.
3. I went to Catholic school until I came to public school for high school. I still think Catholic churches are some of the most peaceful places.
4. When I was a freshman in college I briefly went out with a guy that looked exactly like Woody from Toy Story. I wasn't very impressed with him.
5. I love reading, and I plow through books. I think I am going to read another Mary Kay Andrews book next.
6. I do neck exercises every night before bed because I am afraid of getting a double chin.
7. I have several friends who, like me, grew up in an immigrant household. I think there are certain things you just "get" about each other from being raised in an immigrant household. And yes, some of the stereotypes are correct. I played more than one musical instrument growing up, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding resonates with me.
8. I have stretch marks from having to go on Prednizone for asthma. I hate them, but I've also (kind of) accepted them at this point. Scrubs and moisturizers help (some)!
9. Being the godmother of one of my best friend's son is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I love that child so much.
10. Speaking of the best things that have ever happened to me, marrying Nick is hands down one of the best. No question about it. We aren't perfect, and some times we have a squabble, but our marriage is wonderful. It is a real bright spot in my life with some of my stresses.
TGIF!! I will be presenting my research project tomorrow and I am not even sure how I feel about it. I feel like our poster looks really good, but I am still a bit nervous (see #1).
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our White Thanksgiving

Nick and I spent Thanksgiving in Iowa with his family this year. We had a white Thanksgiving! Needless to say, although we had a great time, I was very happy to get back down South to warmer weather. I am not a fan of cold temps.
Yadi sleeping in the car on the way to Iowa  
 We stopped for lunch in Hannibal, MO and I thought of Gone Girl.
 Out for drinks after Thanksgiving
 We drove past the farm where Yadi came from

I came home to this very nice surprise from Lauren Paige of LPS Designs!!

I did not go Black Friday shopping. I used to do it, but I just don't like it anymore. Especially now that it starts on Thursday evening. I feel bad for the people that work retail. I DID get some great deals yesterday during Cyber Monday however! I got these (and these -I LOVE the tin!) for both sets of grandparents, and this cute little guy for my grandmother in Dallas. She is a wine drinker like I am. I'm pretty sure I could order one of everything from their entire Christmas section. I got a few other gifts as well yesterday. If you ask me, Cyber Monday is where it's at!! (I hated to end that sentence using a preposition.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!! I am trying to get myself prepared for finals, so things are going to be a little crazy for me until next week is over.
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