Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like my last big hurrah since summer school starts today. We started the weekend by going to Jillian's in the Vista Friday night and listening to live beach music.

Believe it or not, I didn't like the Jellies Be Jammin' print when I first saw it online this spring. I thought jellyfish was an odd choice. Well, I tried this dress on in Pink Sorbet, and I really love it. The colors are beautiful. I think I just had a bad association since I've been stung by a jellyfish before. I also LOVE the white piping on it. Nick does not care the gold trim on some of my Lilly dresses. This is definitely going to be a favorite this summer.
Saturday we spent the day on the lake with friends. Good news, we found a better price on getting our boat fixed and have decided we are going to have it repaired. We were ready to just throw the towel in and donate the boat for the tax write off. After this repair the boat should be all fixed up. I hope we will get several more summers out of her.
Sunday I helped my friend Benson with mock interviews for his queens who will be competing in Miss SC in about three weeks. I always enjoy being around other people who love pageants, and getting to talk about pageants non-stop. It was a really great afternoon.

Benson has a great group of contestants this year. I've heard some of their answers to interview questions, and let me tell you...there are a few that are not just Miss SC ready, they are Miss America ready. It will be a very competitive group at state this year.
I hope everyone has a great Monday! I am trying not to be too sad that summer school starts today. 


  1. Boo to summer school. I hope it's not too terrible, though, and leaves you lots of time to relax by the lake! I love your Lilly dress in the first pic! Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love that dress too! Hope your boat gets repaired and lasts for a long time! It's an investment!

  3. I love both of your dresses & that owl necklace is too cute! We just got our boat repaired too, yikes! It's been in the shop for months :-/ good luck in summer school girl, it'll be all worth it soon!! :-)