About Me

I’m Fran, and I'm a newlywed loving life with my hubby Nick. I grew up in upstate South Carolina, and went to USC. I graduated in 2007, and worked for six years before deciding to go to graduate school. I'm currently a graduate student studying Speech Pathology, and want to work in a hospital when I graduate. When I'm not busy studying, I enjoy spending time with our two dogs, watching Real Housewives, and working out. I have a weakness for Lilly Pulitzer and Sour Patch Kids.
A little more about me:
I love coffee and tea (hot tea, sweet tea, and unsweet tea if I am dieting).
I love pickles (especially fried pickles). Olives too!
I hate talking on the phone.  I never answer my phone calls. Seriously, just text me I will answer that immediately.
I absolutely love being from the South. The slowness you notice isn’t from unintelligence, it’s a slower pace of life.
I have a very hard time forgiving, and have been known to hold a grudge. I am **TRYING** to get better about this, it does not come to me naturally.
I love my best friends like they are my sisters, and try to be there for them no matter the time or place.
I'm an only child. That is probably part of the reason I am so close with several of my girlfriends. I've had the same friends since high school and/or college with a few additions in recent years.  I am also super close with my Mom.

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