Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

This will have to be a quick recap since I haven't been at work in almost a week due to winter weather, and am trying to get caught up. I only worked Monday and half of Tuesday last week, which made for a nice staycation. I got caught up on some schoolwork, housework, and also rewatched some of season one of Mad Men on Netflix. All in all, a really perfect week.
We had a great Valentine's Day. We exchanged gifts in the morning and cheated on our diet for dinner at Shiano's. Aside from authentic Chicago pizza (Chicago trip recap here), I think Shiano's has the best pizza. It is hands down the best pizza in Columbia, IMO.

I am very thankful that Nick will be my forever Valentine!
Friday night after dinner we experienced an earthquake, so that made for a memorable Valentine's Day. Our house was seriously shaking and rumbling! Did anyone else feel the earthquake Friday night?
Sunday we ran some errands across town. We got some clothes and shoes for Nick to wear on our honeymoon, and ordered our wedding bands. I CANNOT WAIT to wear mine.
I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day Weekend! 


  1. so, Friday night i passed out asleep around 10 on the couch. when Brandon woke me up i checked Facebook to discover this 'earthquake' we'd had. i asked Brandon if he felt it and he said he didn't but he'd heard something about 15 min earlier and though it was the neighbors throwing out trash. we cannot confirm or deny the earthquake but a snowstorm and earthquake in 2 days can't be good!

  2. We totally didn't feel the quake! I started seeing the notes on FB and couldn't believe it.
    Granted, we had a drank a bottle of wine, so maybe that's why?? LOL!! I heart pizza. I could at it every night.

  3. That sounds like such a fun weekend! Y'all are so cute & I love your bubble necklace :-) an earthquake? That's nuts!!