Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chicago Recap

Thursday afternoon, after multiple weather delays, we finally made it to Chicago. Nick's brother had a car service pick us up, and deliver us right to his doorstep. Once we arrived, we didn't waste much time getting into vacation mode.
First we headed to Wrigleyville for a few drinks. I tried Angry Orchard and like it a lot. If you like cider, definitely try it.

  Next we went to "The Bean" aka Cloud Gate in Millennial Park. I LOVE Chicago. It is so beautiful and there is so much to do there. I am a little obsessed and know I have to visit again.

Now I will reveal what a piggy I really am. We had dinner at Pizzeria Uno and it was seriously the BEST pizza I have ever had in my entire life. Other pizza is garbage to me now. The crust was flaky like a pastry. The marinara is on the top layer of the pizza, and is oh so good.
Our last stop of the night was for drinks at The Signature Room, which is on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center.
Nick's brother was a wonderful host and made sure we saw lots of Chicago sights. The next day we headed to Milwaukee for Part II of Siblings Weekend. Recap coming soon!


  1. So fun! I've been to Chicago once with my nasty ass ex boyfriend who was a total jerk.
    Now one of my best friends lives there but I've yet to visit. I need too!

  2. That pizza looks delicious! Angry Orchard is good. I recommend Woodchuck and Redd's Apple Ale as well.