Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was this weekend and was so much fun! Showers are the fun part of being engaged, and help make up for the stress of wedding planning. It was hosted by three of my coworkers, and I was amazed at how generous everyone was. I got tons of great stuff!

As soon as I got home Friday night I started unpacking everything, washing it, and getting it settled in it's new home.

A few of the lovely ladies I work with!
Saturday morning I drove to Greenville for a dress fitting. My mom and grandmother met me, and we had lunch at The Pita House. It's owned by friends of my StepDad, and is one of my favorite places to eat in Greenville. My other favorite restaurant in Greenville is Charlie's Steakhouse, where my friend Joe and I used to go when he still lived here.
I was THRILLED that my hard work is paying off and my dress needed to be taken in. I pick it up in two weeks.
Nick was out of town at his cousin's wedding in Las Vegas this weekend. It was fun to show him all the gifts from my shower when he got home. He is excited to start using our wedding china (Kate Spade Cypress Point) because he loathes my every day dishes (Lenox Butler's Panty). I am not sure why he doesn't like Butler's Pantry except maybe it's too girlie for him, or maybe it's hard for his big hands to handle scalloped design?
I am sending out thank you notes as soon as I receive gifts so that is not a big "to do" hanging over my head. So far I like doing it this way.
Happy Tuesday everyone! 


  1. I was like you, and got everything out and started using and washing it. But, later learned that's a huge faux paus??
    I didn't really care. NO reason to let it sit in boxes until after the wedding. I would have gone nuts!

  2. YAY for the dress fitting that you had. That was always such an exciting thing, if you ask me!

  3. yay for all your new things :) we let ours sit until after the wedding only because i didnt have time to deal with it before and I wanted it to be special, my showers were only 1 month before the wedding and sandwiched between my bachelorette weekend!

  4. I love wedding showers! And I love both sets of dishes--one day I'd love Kate Spade dishes one day! Congrats on all of your hard work paying off! I bet you look gorgeous in your dress!

  5. Yay for showers! I went to one Saturday! Lots of fun. I don't blame you for washing it and putting it up already. No harm in that! Yes, get those thank you's done quickly so you won't stress over them later!

  6. So fun! Happy you had such a fab time :-) you are going to be such a gorgeous bride!!