Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days & Weekend Recap

Last week I was thrilled to spend two days at home due to inclement weather. I worked ahead in my classes, got some things done around the house, and spent time with Nick. I got behind on blogging, but enjoyed my time at home immensely.
Pics from this weekend
I've made these cookies three times now.
Trinket enjoying our new bedding from Pottery barn.
At our neighbors Super Bowl Party last night. I am loving life in the suburbs.
I also made The Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes. Best mashed potatoes ever. I love Ree and will definitely try out more of her recipes.  
I hope everyone has a great Monday! Trinket and I are looking forward to The Bachelor tonight.


  1. We got our snow! ;) Now I'm ready for spring! Go figure! I can't wait to sit and watch the Bachelor either!

  2. I got a day off last week too. Pretty nice. I wish I had today off :(

  3. I need to try both of those recipes! Looks like Trinket is a fan of the new bedding :-)