Friday, February 28, 2014

Triple Crown Day is HERE!!

I am very excited to be on the committee for my dear friend Benson's pageant again this year. This post is from last year's pageant, and this as well.
I was also excited to compare my pre-pageant day selfies and see some progress! I have lost about 12 lbs since last year and want to lose about 5 more to really be my fighting weight for our wedding.
My face was so thin when I did pageants. Face fat, armpit fat, and back fat are the hinges of all evil. Am I right?!
Sometimes I miss being a brunette. I am hoping to get back down to this weight. {Photo cred Jeanna Beasley. She is AMAZING BTW.}
I CANNOT WAIT to see our new Miss River City, Miss Midstate, and Miss Yellow Jasmine Miss and Teens crowned tonight!!! I get a lot of enjoyment out of helping Benson and being part of his committee. Last year I helped the girls prepare for interview at state.
Today will be a long day, so I plan on taking it easy and getting caught up with school work for the rest of the weekend (and maybe some wedding stuff too).
I 've also had two sweet friends were generously offer to help set up decorations and just help in general at my wedding. I was like "Are you sure?!" and "You do know it's in Savannah?!" but they were very willing to volunteer their time. I am SO SO grateful for the help. I think things are coming together.
Have a great weekend y'all!! 


  1. Have sooo much fun! I know you will! You're looking great and love the old headshot! Mine are so 90's looking!! LOL!

  2. Having helpful friends that volunteer with wedding stuff makes it so much easier. That way you're not stressin :)

  3. Oh girl, you are so gorgeous! Whatever you are doing is working, way to go! I admire your dedication :-)

  4. You look fab! I took your suggestion from last week and started drinking La Croix! It's a fab way to get in my water for the day! I'm loving your old headshot, btw!