Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

Saturday one of my besties, Marcia, and her husband John, visited us. They brought their new puppy, who is a rescue dog they found while camping. She is the sweetest little thing. She also kept Yadi entertained, so much so that for a minute I almost thought about getting a third dog just so he could have a friend.

We left the men at home watching football, and we went shopping. We were seriously out of control. You would think we never get out. We shopped for five hours straight. No sitting, no stopping for fro yo, no Starbucks stops. Just hard shopping. We were exhausted by the end of our day, but both found some great stuff. I am wearing a new hot pink shirt I got today.

It's hard to find a friend you can shop with, so I am lucky to have Marcia!
*I haven't been able to fit into these pants since I started dating Nick two years ago, and now they are loose so that was a nice feeling. :) *

I also practiced transcribing for my Clinical Phonetics class. I had a bad week school wise last week, but I think things are looking up now.
I hope everyone has a great Monday! 


  1. A good long day of shopping does a girl good, but it also wears you out!

  2. Sometimes hard shopping days are necessary! Love that top!

  3. That shopping trip sounds AWESOME! I'm totally craving one, myself :)
    And you are SO pretty!!

  4. Is this the shirt you were telling me about? Love it!!! Old Navy?