Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

I started this weekend with a much needed trip to the nail salon. I live in a small town, and luckily in our tiny little shopping center we have a pretty good nail salon.

I am SO happy to be wearing a fall color on my nails. This is Essie Wicked.
Saturday afternoon we tailgated with some good friends and cheered on our Gamecocks.

I am super angry at my dry cleaners about this dress. This is a Calvin Klein dress and I've only worn it twice. I had it dry cleaned a few weeks ago, and didn't really look at it until I put it on Saturday. As we were running out the door, I felt something a little off and realized the hem was completely out. I am not sure what happened, but I am certain they are to blame.
Sunday I spent almost the entire day studying, which was as painful as it sounds, but I made sure to make a Target run that morning and scooped up this gem from the Phillip Lim collection.

I am not a huge Target fan or frequent Target shopper like a lot of people are. I'm not always pleased with the quality of their merchandise, especially the clothing. I got some of the Missoni collection, and while I LOVE the prints, I am glad I didn't get more than the few items that I got. I just got some small stuff like makeup bags and scarves, and they held up OK, not great. The material frayed and tore up some. I am also not a huge fan of faux bags, but I couldn't pass this up and am already carrying it.
I stayed up way too late watching Miss America last night and hope today goes by quickly. Happy Monday! 


  1. Love you nail color and your cute outfit with the boots! You are looking mighty skinny!

  2. You are looking good and your hair always rocks!!

  3. I sure would be letting that dry cleaners know what you found when you put your dress on. They might offer to fix it, if you wanted them to. Happy Monday!

  4. I like some of Target's clearance items (especially when the Yankee candles go on clearance!) and their $1 - $3 section. The quality of their clothes, however, is not as good as it used to be. Many of the shirts much thinner now, but have increased in price.