Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thursday and Our Rehearsal Friday

I'm back! I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all my blog reading. After six days in Mexico (it was supposed to be seven, but I will get to that later), coming back to work yesterday was very hard.
I'm going to go in order with my recaps, and I hope I won't bore anyone in the process. My last day at work the week of our wedding was Wednesday. I got off work early, and took a final that afternoon. The next day I did my last pre-wedding pure barre class, and took my last final. It wasn't as hard as I thought that it would be to get my finals out of the way. I just really knew that I HAD to do well. I've ended up with an A in Language Development and a B+ in Articulation Disorders. Surprisingly, this has been my best semester of grad school so far, as before this I made all Bs in my classes.
I also packed the car that day as well. I tried to be very thorough and organized in packing the car, and really took my time with it. I labeled everything as I packed so it would be easier to find things the day of the wedding.
Friday morning I got up early and dropped the dogs off at the vet and Camp Bow Wow. I got a SubWay flatbread breakfast sandwich, and hit the road for GA. I got to the hotel I was staying at with my bridesmaids, checked in, and got to relax for a little while. Nick picked me up around 1 pm. I hadn't seen him in a few days, so I was very excited to see him! We went to the Liberty County Courthouse to get our license. After waiting a very long time, we finally got to go back and get the paperwork from the judge.
Our rehearsal was at 4 pm that afternoon, but didn't really get started until around 5. I was very nervous at this point. I am pretty quiet anyways, and was feeling even more shy than usual. I mostly just stuck close by my bridesmaid Ashley for the entire night.

The rehearsal dinner was held at the house that Nick's Mom, brother, and sister rented to stay in. It was only a few minutes from our wedding venue, and had beautiful views. From what I understand, the food was great too. I was hardcore dieting, so I only had water and a few nibbles of food. I didn't get to try to Low Country Boil, but I did have a few bites of the pasta salad Nick's brother Tedd made and it was amazing.  

That night me, my Mom, two of my bridesmaids (Jena and Jessie), and my flower girl all shared a hotel room. My Mom was still working on my flower girl's dress at this point. She says she works best under pressure, and has made most of my pageant/talent/Halloween costumes at the last minute for my entire life.
I got maybe four hours of sleep this night, even after taking a prescription. I just couldn't get to sleep. I knew I had all of the details ironed out, but I guess I was too excited to sleep.   
I'll be back tomorrow with the day of the wedding recap. Have a great Tuesday afternoon!


  1. WOW girl! No food at the rehearsal? I didn't eat a ton, but I did eat. Probably b/c I was boozing with the best of them because all my close friends were in town. LOL!
    I'm also surprised that you're shy giving you were in pageants? You look GREAT and I love that dress!

  2. I cannot wait to see the wedding photos!!!! yay for good grades

  3. YAY Your married! I can not wait to read about your special day!