Friday, May 16, 2014

Honeymoon Recap Part II

Friends, we made it to Friday! What a long week. I am back to finish the recap of our honeymoon.
Wednesday we hung out at the pool most of the day, and went to a nice dinner. Basically, that was what we did every day. Dinner Wednesday night was Cocotal, and it was amazing.
My Mom made me this dress right before I started my first year at Carolina - I am still in disbelief that I got back into it. I need to get serious about eating right again, I've been slack since we've been back from our honeymoon.
 View from our balcony.
Thursday was the only day we left the resort. We did a horseback riding excursion. I grew up taking riding lessons and had two different horses. I got Melissa Sue in eighth grade. She is retired due to a condition called Navicular and still lives with my Mom. I loved the horse I rode in Mexico, and told Nick I wanted to take him home with us. I think he was afraid I'd actually try to do it. I miss riding a lot, and it was so nice of my husband to take me riding on our honeymoon.

I wanted to adopt this cat and take it back home with us.
Meeting other newlyweds at one of the pools. We hung out with several couples that we met all week.
The Martini Bar Thursday night. Dinner this night was Kampai - I'm still thinking about how much I loved all the food at our resort. Kampai was one of the best restaurants we went to all week.
Dinner on Friday was Ricon, which was authentic Mexican food. I had the lobster chimichanga and it was to die for.  Ricon was another favorite restaurant.
Before our candlelight dinner on the beach Saturday.
Sunday we flew home :-(. I was sad to go back to regular life after all the excitement of the wedding, and then being spoiled for a week on our honeymoon.
I am headed out of town this weekend to celebrate my dear friend Jessie who is expecting a baby BOY next month. I am super excited about some of the things I made for her shower, so I will post a recap of her shower on Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. so beautiful. wasnt it wonderful to just "sit and be" we only left for one excursion too. I liked being a fat bum on my honeymoon

  2. I want to relive our honeymoon. Yall look like you had the best time ever!!!

  3. Looks dreamy! I love all your clothes and you look great!