Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Ceremony

The day of our wedding, I got up bright and early at 6 am. I actually got up a little bit before my alarm went off from all the excitement.
My little flower girl was such a trooper. We got her out of bed at 6 am, after keeping her up late the night before, and had her try on her dress that my Mom was making. She is such a sweetheart and was so cooperative.
My Mom, my bridesmaid Ashley, and I drove into Savannah for our salon appointment. We went to Salon Twenty Ten on Abercorn Street in Savannah, and I loved the stylists that we used. Before our appointment, however, we made a much needed Starbucks stop.
After a few hours at the salon, we went to the wedding venue to start getting dressed. By this point, I was no longer nervous at all. Just happy and having fun!!
I will be getting our professional photos later, but these are the pics I have so far. This is me and Jena while we were getting dressed. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, and loved spending this day with them by my side. Jena and I have been friends since high school.
Walking up the aisle with my Grandfather. Right then, all the stress I had been feeling ever since we got engaged lifted, and I was happy and relaxed. I can honestly say that I feel like in the end, all of the stress of wedding planning was worth the end result.

My Grandparents took me and my Mom in when I was five months old, and we lived with them until my Mom and StepDad got married when I was in sixth grade. My Mom and I are both very close with them, and they still talk about getting me from the airport when I was five months old. I am also close with my (former) StepDad, and mean he and my Mom when I say "my parents."

 Our close friend Brock performed the ceremony and did a great job. 

Family pictures immediately following the ceremony. This is my family.
Nick's family. I love how the flowers turned out! My flowers are wrapped in a handkerchief that belonged to Nick's great-grandmother.
Sneak peek from our photographer, Courtney Dox. I LOVE it!!!!! I can't wait to see more of her pictures from the day. Courtney was absolutely wonderful to work with, and her sister Catherine was our wedding coordinator and was extremely helpful all day.
Thank you for bearing with me through that photo overload! Tomorrow's post will be about our  reception.   


  1. Love it!! Not too many photos for me. I need more! So, is the guy next to your Mom your former step-dad?

  2. Stunning!!! I can't get over your dress & veil. They're beautiful - and so are y'all!!!!

  3. You look stunning and so happy! What a beautiful day and wedding -- you did fabulous!!!

    Side note -- you need to enlarge your pictures so that we all can see them better :)

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! I love the last shot of you and Nick!

  5. Oh my goodness that last photo is STUNNING!