Monday, July 1, 2013

Girlfrands Reunion

This weekend my friend Jenna came to visit, and we had a girlfrands reunion with our friend Melanie.
This is the first time we've all been together in almost THREE years. I see Melanie pretty regularly because we live on the same side of town and meet at the gym sometimes. I hadn't seen Jenna in almost two years though, it was dynamite to have all three of us in the same place at the same time.
Besides being a bit cloudy, the weather actually cooperated.
I gave Nick his Piggly Wiggly shirt for Valentine's Day. If that's not romantic, I don't know what is!
Sunday I helped my dear friend Benson with preparing his queens for Miss SC next week. I think and hope I was able to give the girls some helpful suggestions for their interview. I'm a former pageant contestant, and I still get goosebumps when I remember the energy and emotions that go along with competing. One of the girls is such a sweet person and has such a great platform, if those judges don't tear up in interview they have hearts of stone!
It was great to spend an entire day with pageant people and talk about pageants until I was blue in the face. I didn't realize it, but I was in dire need of a pageant fix.
Yay for a short work week and I hope this Monday goes by quickly!  


  1. I judge a Miss NC prelim last year and paid and signed up to get certified to judge others.. but then I found out I was pregnant and it's just so time consuming.
    So, I bailed. Sometimes I think about putting Shelby in them, but I didn't start until Jr. High. I think so of the kids ones are just ridonkulous! LOL

  2. So fun to reunite with old friends! Your hair looks AMAZING in that piggly wiggly pic.

  3. I did one pageant in HS and enjoyed it, my mom would have nothing to do with them. Brandon thinks if we have kids I'd end up putting mine in them. ;)

  4. It's great to get together with long time friends you haven't seen in a while! Lovin Nick's PW shirt! My kid always wears his and says "livin high on the hog!" haha