Friday, July 19, 2013

My Last Birthday in My Twenties!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is my 29th birthday.
I started the day by blowing off the gym and getting in some extra cuddles with Trinket.

I went into work late and made a Target stop on my way in. This is my birthday gift to myself. I LOVE Lauren Weisberger books and can't wait to start this one. Its the sequel to one of my favorite books (and movies) The Devil Wears Prada. If you are looking for a good book to read, I also love Chasing Harry Winston.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating my birthday at the restaurant I used to work at, The Islander in Pendleton, SC. That is where I rang in my 19th birthday ten years ago. Hard to believe its been that long!
 I don't feel much older than 19 physically. Mentally I do feel different, but it is a good difference. Overall, I'm not sad that this is my last year in my twenties. So far, the late twenties rock compared to early and mid twenties. I feel much more sure of myself, what I'm doing, and my thoughts and plans for the future. I hear great things about the 30s.
Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Happy Birthday :)) enjoy your last year in the 20's, although 30's are amazing too!!

  2. Happy Birthday love!! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!!

  3. Trinket is so adorable! Happy birthday, a few days late. :)