Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Back to School

Growing up getting school supplies at the end of the summer was always a big excitement for me. I guess some things do not change, because I still love school supplies. My bridesmaid Jessie has always loved school supplies too, and so it is very fitting that she grew up to be a teacher!
Today I ordered my first Lilly Pulitzer agenda. I went ahead and went with the jumbo size so I'll have plenty of room to write out my assignments (and jot down wedding stuff). I ordered the Lucky Charms print.

Since I am a working adult, I find it helpful to plan my evenings in advance and schedule myself time to study. I look at when the tests are first, then break up the material by day so I am on track to study everything and review before the tests. I was never this organized in undergrad, but then I didn't have other obligations to juggle.
What are your favorite back to school supplies?


  1. Ooo that's a pretty one! Take photos when you get it :)

  2. Pretty! I can not live without some kind of schedule or else I would totally miss EVERYTHING!