Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Here are a few of my wants for Christmas this year.
A nice carry on bag. I am ready to update my old Vera Bradley carry on.


My gym bag is also starting to look like it's seen better days.
I like this one.
I wear mostly dresses (with shapewear underneath) to work and as soon as I get home, I immediately change into lounge clothes before I study or cook dinner. I am always in the need for more pj pants.
I like these from LL Bean. These are sold out right now, hopefully they will restock. I am really not too picky about pj pants, as long as they are long enough.
I can also never had too much clothing to wear to the gym. I feel like I wash it constantly. I'm also sort of over Lululemon. I want to see how I like Under Armour.

I like wearing crops to workout in.
My only other wish would be a new Pandora charm.
Due to Nick's work schedule we will not be traveling this year, which is a last minute change and are doing Christmas at home.
Happy Hump Day!! 


  1. I change into pj pants immediately too haha. I always get VS ones when they go on sale!

  2. Love that Lilly bag! Sorry about your last minute change of plans! I hope you and Nick enjoy a low-key day though!

  3. fun bag! I just ordered a new one this week. I got a 40% off birthday coupon from Vera and then a gift card from a I scored a great deal on one. Hope you have a great Christmas and gets lots of goodies from your list :)

  4. I always want Pandora charms! I actually got a lot of work out stuff for Christmas, but my hubby knows to go to Ross and get the discounted stuff ;) Lulu is too rich for my blood.