Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Warning: photo heavy post
We spent two days in Iowa for Christmas, and had a wonderful staycation for the rest of my time off from work. For NYE wen went out for Mexican and watched the ball drop on tv at home. Not the most exciting I know, but I always felt like going out on NYE is overrated.
2013 was probably my best year yet, and I am looking forward to what is ahead of us in the coming year. I for sure CANNOT WAIT until our wedding on April 26.
Some of the big highlights of 2013 included getting accepted to and beginning grad school. This was something I've wanted for a long time, and for a few different reasons seriously doubted that it would ever be possible for me. It came as a huge surprise when I received this letter on an ordinary Saturday afternoon in March.
We also found our wedding venue in March.
In early April I took a fun girls trip to Atlanta with two of my bridesmaids (Jessie and Jena), my flower girl, and my Mom.
In May we found a great used boat for a good price, and enjoyed some fun times on Lake Murray (when it wasn't raining, which wasn't often this summer).
We also went to the Bahamas and fell in love with it. I still can't believe we got to swim with dolphins.  I want to do it again!
We had several fun weekends with our friends John and Marcia. Marcia, Nick, and I all celebrated birthdays in July. I also lost ten pounds, which felt like a huge accomplishment to me.
In August I found my wedding dress and started classes, and somehow just barely got by without losing my mind between grad school and planning a wedding.
We had an awesome trip to Chicago and Milwaukee with Nick's brother and sister.

And watched our Gamecocks during football season.

I had a fun weekend with my Mom for her birthday in October.

Tedd visited us for the second time this year in November and we hosted Thanksgiving at our house.

The year ended with a fun girls weekend in Charleston with my bff/college roommate Ashley, and getting to meet another beastie's newborn baby girl.

The worst part of 2013 was unexpectedly losing our cat Ricky in August. I still think about him almost every day.
I've had some ups and downs just like everyone else. Some of my biggest trials have been getting laid off from a job I loved in early 2009, then being at a terrible job for almost three years, and a family member's illness in 2010. I really have an appreciation for the good times now.
I can't wait to see what is in store for 2014!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great year! So happy for you! 2014 is gonna be amazing!

  2. Spending NYE with a margarita sounds pretty perfect to me! XOXO

  3. NYE is overrated for sure. I use to volunteer to work every year when in TV news. You have such an exciting year ahead! You're looking great too!

  4. Having one really bad year puts everything in perspective--I can definitely relate! It looks like you had a fabulous year (minus the passing of sweet Ricky!), but I hope your 2014 is even better! I can't believe your wedding is coming up so soon!

  5. This was the year that everyone went to Chicago!! Definitely sounds like a great year ;)