Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Extravaganza

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Wednesday evening we got Nick's brother Tedd from the airport. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and wasted no time getting into a celebratory mood.
Thursday Nick cooked the turkey in a fryer outside while Tedd and I went to town in the kitchen. We made all the sides using some of Nick's Mom's recipes and some from Pinterest. As a side note, how did the pilgrims ever plan their Thanksgiving meal without Pinterest? My grandparents joined us for our meal and I was so glad that they came. Sadly, my Mom was still not feeling well and couldn't come along with them.
Friday we stayed at home and it was SO nice. I've done Black Friday and shopped all night before, and of course that was fun, but I think I am over Black Friday. I don't need anything that badly, and I feel bad for people that have to leave their families and work. After relaxing all day, Tedd and I went to a few stores that evening and to Miyo's for sushi. We stayed up late watching movies when we got home.
Saturday we went to the Clemson Carolina game. I always look forward to this game. I grew up near Clemson, but went to Carolina and am a huge Carolina fan. I was thrilled over the win!
Tedd left the stands to go to the restroom in the third quarter and got separated from us and lost. After the game, traffic was crazy and there were people everywhere. By this time, his phone died so we had no way to get in touch with him. We looked for him for several hours, driving around the stadium, going back to our tailgate spot several times to see if he returned, and finally talking to the USC PD. The police put out a BOLO for him. When the officer I was speaking with told me he may be in the hospital, I started crying. Apparently EMS took 35 people out of the game Saturday night. I had to call hospitals looking for him. After several hours, he finally called us and was at a gas station. When he got him, we found out that he walked around asking people for directions to our tailgate spot and no one knew how to get there. He thought he was walking into town, but instead walked down Bluff Road all the way to interstate 77. If you are familiar with Columbia, you know that is a long way. He bought a charger at the gas station and was finally able to call us. We were very happy when we found him. He was lost for so long that it was 4 am before I went to bed that night. I'm sure we will talk about the time we lost Tedd for a long time to come.
After staying up late watching movies over the break, going to bed early and waking up early was a shock to my system. I hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. OMG! I would have freaked too! Was he drunk?

  2. Wow...I'm glad Ted was okay! I lived in Columbia and West Columbia while growing up. I know you can go from a nice area to a bad one in two blocks. I would not want to be lost there for sure.

  3. Holy Cow! You know I live like 20 mins from Clemson! haha! I think we've talked about that before! Poor Tedd! I would have been a mental case if I had lost someone. I'm sure you were too!