Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

I popped right out of bed this morning because I am super excited that today is Halloween.
Here are a few of the decorations around our house.

I am using annual leave to have a half day at work today. I have a lot of errands left to do to get ready for trick or treaters tonight and my college homecoming/football this weekend.
Last year I was very pleasantly surprised to have trick or treaters for about three or four hours. I almost ran out of candy last year and will be sure to be prepared tonight. I also have to pick up a costume for Yadi.
I am very excited Nick will be home tonight to see all the trick or treaters. He was traveling for work and missed last year.  
I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!!


  1. I love halloween, but we didnt get much out for decorations this year. I doubt we have any trick or treaters because how hidden our house is, but i've got candy ready :)

  2. Have fun! What school did you go to? USC Homecoming? I went to LSU last week and it rocked the casbah!

  3. Happy Halloween to you, too! Hope you enjoy that afternoon off, and enjoy the trick or treaters :)

  4. Aw too fun, that's one thing I miss about being in an apartment downtown - no trick or treaters!!