Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blonde Bride or Brunette Bride?

I have a hair appointment coming up, and I can't help but ask myself if I am a blonde bride or a brunette bride.

Some days I miss being a brunette. My natural color is a plain light brown.


I find blonde highlights a lot easier to main than overall darker color. When your light roots start coming in on darker colored hair, it looks weird like Ozzy Osborne's roots sometimes look.
I may just get some lowlights and avoid a big change.
Happy Hump Day!! 


  1. both colors look great, but the brunette is very dramatic

  2. I vote blonde, it suits you with your skin tone very much! Brunette is very pretty on you too though!

  3. I like blonde :) I say let the boy have a vote, he'll be looking at the wedding photos as long as you do, he should get to help!

  4. Blonde with low lights! (says the former hairstylist!) ha! ;)