Friday, October 4, 2013

Rolling with the Punches in Life {Wedding Planning Edition}

This week we learned two members of our wedding party have to move to Hawaii unexpectedly and are unable to be in our wedding.
I can be pretty high anxiety, as those of you that know me IRL can attest, and a few years ago I would have lost it over this. I probably would have driven all of my friends and coworkers crazy obsessing over it endlessly. 
When I switched photographers this summer I really let the decision torment me because I didn't want to be offensive or insulting to the photographer I hired originally. It wasn't worth it to lose sleep over, its my wedding after all. {BTW I went with Courtney Dox and am so excited about her!}
I guess I've come along way, or I am mellowing out with age, because I took this in stride. Things come up, and we understand that this can't be helped. I will only have three bridesmaids instead of four. Of course we will miss the fourth bridesmaid, but it will still be great. Most of all I am just so happy to be marrying Nick that nothing is going to stop me from enjoying the excitement.
I went with four because I liked the even number for pictures, but I found this on google images and I'm fine with it. I also think the flowers this bride used are really pretty.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. YIKES! I bet your friends felt bad but it is what it is. It's life and you have to make decisions no matter what.
    As for the photographer. Why did you switch?

  2. Aw that's too bad, but I'm glad you're handling it well. Your friend probably feels bad enough as it is, it's really good that you aren't making her feel worse! You're like the anti-bridezilla :) I'm not sure I'd take it quite as well!

  3. I totally understand, don't stress. One of mine had to drop out on sunday, my wedding is tomorrow. Her grandfather in another state passed away so its totally out of her control and I really just can't let it bother me because in the big scheme a bridesmaids doesnt stop me from getting married. I'm down to 3 now too!

  4. I am usually an even numbered girl too, but I am having three bridesmaids in my wedding in March and I think it will be perfect! I'm sure yours will be gorgeous too! Just a bummer that your friends moved so far away. :(