Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Will you be my bridesmaid?

I wanted to show y'all the cute cards I sent each of my bridesmaids asking them to be part of our wedding.
Aliyah Rinaldi, who designed my blog, made these for me. She is super easy to work with, and very reasonably priced. I've read her blog for a long time (we are talking since probably 2008), so I was really excited for her to design my cards and blog.
My bridesmaids are spread out across the US, so getting together for a Will You Be My Bridesmaid Dinner like I've seen some girls do was not an option. I sent them the cards and some candy.
They all said yes!
I won't name any names, but I was a bridesmaid in a wedding a few years ago, and no part of it was fun. I really do not want to treat my bridesmaids how I was treated, and I want them to have fun.
My friend Stacy sent me this photo of the card. She and her husband are both in our wedding.

Sorry it's so dark, but hopefully you can see the card anyways.
I put toys and games in my flower girl's gift basket. Her Mom and Aunt are both bridesmaids.

I have to brag and say I have the prettiest little flower girl! My Mom will be making her dress.
Yay for it being Hump Day! I am taking today off from the gym. I have plans with my DVR and a Pinterest crock pot recipe, so I am looking forward to tonight.

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