Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome to our wedding blog!!

Welcome to my first post on our wedding planning blog! I guess I should start at the very beginning. I met Nick in early June of 2011. We went to the Ale House and Wet Willies on our first date, and just had the most fun. It was hands down the most fun first date I've ever been on. The fun didn't stop, and I knew pretty early on that Nick was not like anyone I had ever met before.

We looked at rings a few times last summer, so it wasn't a total surprise. I just didn't know the how or when, although I was secretly hoping for a Christmas proposal. 

We went on a trip to Charleston for the weekend right before Christmas, and Nick proposed while we were on the trip. We took a carriage ride around downtown Charleston. I WISH I had taken more pictures, but I didn't know it would be such a memorable day.

The carriage tour did not disappoint. It was seriously one of the best things I've ever done vacation wise. {Plus I've wanted to go on a carriage ride since Carrie and Big rode in a carriage in the episode where Miranda has her baby.}

The only pics I took were of this sweet little donkey that was at the stables where our carriage tour began.

And this home with an "open arms" staircase that we saw on the tour.

The carriage dropped us off at waterfront park and Nick proposed at the end of the pier :).

Immediately after Nick proposed we had to clear out pretty quickly because the weather was turning bad. We ducked into a restaurant on Amen Street and had a few (much needed as I couldn't stop shaking) drinks and made the obligatory phone calls. I was super psyched that I was able to reach one of my oldest and dearest friends in Germany on her Skype phone. 
I picked up this ornament in the slave market. I should have taken a picture of the horse that pulled our carriage. He was named Millhouse, and he was a beautiful white Percheron. I wanted to take him home with us.

Of course I have to show you my ring!!

I took this pic of Nick outside of Nick's BBQ the night we got engaged.

We went back to Battery Park the next day with our dogs and took a few pictures. We got a few compliments on our his and hers dogs :-).
I have a lot more to blog about, and even more yet to do and figure out about the wedding, so please stay tuned! I am super happy and excited and can't wait to share this process on my blog.

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  1. Hi! My name is christy and I am hopping over from Ash Ann Pow. I am your newest follower and look forward to your wedding journey. I love weddings, especially being a newlywed myself! My hubby and I just got married April 11, 2012. It was romantic and magical. I wouldn't have changed it for anything. We got married in the Bahamas. I wish you and your fiance the best of luck, it will be such a fun time for you guys. I love all your ideas and plans... they look amazing.

    Have a great Sunday!