Monday, February 25, 2013

Post Oscar Monday Blues

Hi Lovelies! What a nasty cold Monday it is here.
No disrespect at all, but how do people who live in Seattle deal with this dreary weather?
Nick was out of town unexpectedly for work this weekend, and that was a big time bummer. He has been working so much and so hard lately. He doesn't read our wedding blog, so I think I can safely say I am working on planning a surprise for him in the near future.
I say "working on" because I somehow lost my wallet Thursday between the grocery store and home, so I won't have any way to secure a hotel room or spend any money for several more days.
It's super inconvenient, but also sort of nice since I am forced to not spend my money, haha.
I loved last night's Oscars! The dogs and I had our own watch party at home.
My favorite looks were Reese Witherspoon in her blue Louis Vuitton dress, and Jennifer Aniston in bright red Valentino.

I was so happy Anne Hathaway won an award. I really love her. The Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars are two of my favorite movies.
I hope everyone has a quick and painless Monday!

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  1. i loved reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston's dresses too :)

    xo brie