Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All about NICK!

Warning: photo heavy post!
 I thought I would introduce y'all to my fiance Nick, since this is our wedding blog {although I doubt he will ever write a post on here, as he has little interest in blogging}.
Nick is from Iowa. Before I met him a year and a half ago, I had never met anyone from Iowa before in my whole life. Now I've been to Iowa three times. It's beautiful country, and everyone there is down to Earth and super nice.

Geography has never been my strong suit, so I'm not sure I even knew exactly where Iowa was until I had been there.
Nick as a child with his bucket calf, Bucky.

Nick went to Coe College in Cedar Rapids.

He wrestled all through school and was on the wrestling team at Coe. I have never seen someone love wrestling so much! I didn't know very much about wrestling at all until I met him. It wasn't a very big sport where I grew up, but it is in Iowa.
Nick is a HUGE Saint Louis Cardinals fan.

I got this picture off google images, so I'm not sure who is in the picture, but I liked the St. Louis skyline in the background. I've never been to a pro baseball game, but hopefully we can get to a Cardinals game this spring/summer.
Nick loves to travel. That is one of our biggest common interests.

The Baths, British Virgin Gorda
Nick loves dogs, and they love him. Even my little Trinket who is so shy and barely warms up to anyone loves him!
He is not a big fan of cats, and I think my cat picks up on that and reciprocates. They tolerate each other.
Another fact about Nick is that before moving to SC in March of last year, he had lived in about five different states in as many years. He's lived as far away as Arizona, and was living in NC when I met him.
He also travels for work, so during the week I am usually solo {except for the dogs and cat}.
I was always taught not to brag when I was growing up, and I think because of that being ingrained, sometimes I forget that I CAN brag on someone else. I don't brag on Nick nearly as much as I should, so I will tell you that I am so grateful to be engaged to someone that is so HARDWORKING, smart, funny, and also thoughtful. I know I am very lucky!

I have to share this with y'all because I thought it was funny. My Mom says she "cannot believe I am marrying a Yankee and just wait until she tells her friends at her Civil War reenacting group." No, I am not making that up!
Hope all of you have a good Tuesday!


  1. I love that your mamma cannot get over you marrying a Yankee. My cousin's mamma made her fiance spend the year before the wedding earning "southern points" to get his southern card. She made him eat pickled green tomatoes, and go to church on Sunday, and other fun random stuff. It was a running joke throughout the year. At the wedding she had a cute little "southern card" made up for him and slipped it into the room the groomsmen were prepping in.

  2. I am just catching up on your blog posts on the new blog. I swear I started following you when you started it, but something must have happened.
    That is HILARIOUS about your mom. I'm not sure what's funnier- the reference of a Yankee from Iowa when they swear they are Midwesterners, not Yankees or the fact that she's in a Civil War re-enactment group. It makes me think of Sweet Home Alabama- my all time FAVORITE movie!