Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Randoms

1. I ate HORRIBLY last week due to having Masters company, and going out on both Monday and Thursday nights. Somehow, I have lost three pounds and am down to 144 which makes me happy. I am still trying to get down to the 130s.
2. We are reading this book in my Sunday school class and I really like it. And while we're at it, can I just say I love my Sunday school class?
3. We (read: Nick) put squash and tomatoes in Saturday, and I am so excited to have a garden again. Last year spring was so crazy with our wedding that we did absolutely nothing as far as planting.
4. I read The Girl on the Train in a few days and it is seriously SO good. If you are looking for something suspenseful to read, I recommend it. Amazon said if you like Gone Girl (I loved it), you will like this. Now I need something else good to read.
5. Speaking of Gone Girl, I keep turning the movie on while I am doing chores around the house. I really, really like it. Nick gave it to me for Valentine's Day this year.
Have a wonderful Monday!
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  1. I ate terrible too and I'm REALLY pissed at myself. I actually tried a pair of shorts on to go on the boat yesterday and they were skin f-ing tight.
    I've got less than 2-weeks to get my shit together and fit into my Queens Cup dress. I can't believe I've fallen so hard :((((((((((((((((

  2. I bought that book a while ago but still havent started it.. EEK. I need to get on that :) Glad to hear it's so good!!

  3. I just book this book yesterday! I love the Gone Girl type of books so I can't wait to read it.