Tuesday, April 21, 2015

End of Semester - Spring 2015 Edition

I don't have much to write about, and won't until after finals. I am very anxious to finish up this semester. This summer I won't have to take classes, and will only have speech camp. I feel like it will be my first real summer in a long time!
Last summer I took Neuro and Research Methods so I didn't have much free time. In addition to going to school, I am also working right now. I really struggled with Research Methods. I am not a big math person.  
My *BEST* college summer was in 2003. My daily itinerary was: sleep in, get up around 9, go lay out, read, get ready and go on a date, or go into work at my waitressing job at 4. Stay up late. Repeat.
Other summers I worked for Hilton (my undergrad was Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management), and still had a decent amount of free time.
I am pretty happy to say that I haven't really procrastinated on anything this semester. I've worked ahead a good bit. I am just READY. Ready to knock everything out, and have the semester over. Ready for sweet freedom.
In the precious amount of free time I've had, I've done some gardening, cleaned the house some, spent time with Nick, gone to church, and watched Mad Men.
I have some exciting things coming up this summer, and I can't wait to share them. I hope y'all are having a wonderful week! Good luck to everyone taking finals next week.
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  1. I'll be praying for you to have a successful end to the semester!

    Happy Tuesday, Fran :)
    DC is very picturesque during springtime. I love seeing all the trees and flowers blossom.

    Happy Tuesday :)