Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guest Room

After the holidays were over, I decided one of the next areas of the house I would work on was going to be our guest room. It was super plain before (before pics here). I found bedding that I absolutely love from Garnet Hill. It is great quality, and I will definitely order from them again. The duvet itself is from Rue La La. You really cannot beat their prices. I also got a bunny from Nadeau here in town (I love bunnies), and a new framed photo of my godson for some decoration. I still need more decorations, new sheets, and a bed skirt. Oh, and I guess artwork for the walls. (I would LOVE a Jim Harrison - hint hint if you know my hubby. Lone Palmetto is my favorite.)
I absolutely love this geometric print
 Bunny from Nadeau
 MK Andrews book for a guest to enjoy
 Pom Pom throw from Pottery Barn teen
 My inspiration for geometric bedding came from this photo on Southern Living's Instagram.
I really like how layered bedding looks, as well as print mixing, and want to continue to perfect the look in our guest room.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! I am headed out for a night of fun after work today - something I NEVER do on a weeknight, so I am looking forward to that a lot.
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  1. love it!! i enjoy decorating and we're in the process of organizing now.