Monday, February 2, 2015


We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend at home. Last night we enjoyed watching the Super Bowl at a neighbor's house, and of course Monday morning came all too quickly.
I am happy to report that General Beauregard Lee in Georgia did not see his shadow this morning, and predicts an early spring in the South.
My best friend Jessie and I have been talking about manners a lot lately - and a lack thereof. I think manners are intended to put others at ease. I am not perfect, and I certainly fall short lots of times (I know I have been guilty of talking too much), but I do try my best to use proper etiquette.
-I always write thank you notes. I am haunted to this day that I somehow forgot to write a thank you for a wedding gift. Sending thank you notes is probably the most important etiquette rule in my book. I think it is only right to acknowledge when someone gives you a gift.
-I never wear white pants or shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. I know a lot of people do not abide by this anymore, but I still do.
-I still say ma'am and sir, and call those older than me Miss or Mrs. For example, I have been friends with my friend Mrs. Carolyn for many, many years and I still always call her Mrs. Carolyn. (And I have a Chick-Fil-A date with this wonderful lady on Wednesday!)
-Drink soft drinks with a straw (and of course only Coke products).
-Bring a casserole or dish over when someone has a new baby or has surgery. This applies for funerals too, but luckily I have never had to do this for a death in someone's family. Only babies and medical procedures so far. (You can find one of my go-to recipes here.) This is another custom that I am HUGE on. I just think it's nice.
-I also think in this day and age, it is only wise to use discretion about what you post on your social media. I swear people will put anything on social media these days. Some things are TMI.
-Sitting with your legs together, crossed at the ankle. This one was drilled into me when I did pageants. You cross your ankles, not your knees, because when you cross your legs at the knee you are showing cellulite on your upper leg. I am always amazed at how many celebrities I see go on talk shows, and cross their legs and show their thigh to the camera.
What are your favorite etiquette rules?
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  1. Great post lady! I actually had a falling out with a friend because of the lack of her sending a thank you note. There was much more to it on my end, but that kind of was the beginning of the end when she said 'why would I need to send a note'.

  2. This is a wonderful post, I'm so glad you brought up the topic of social media because frankly, someone needs to address how people post way too much information on there!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. anything to prevent the unnecessary viewing of cellulite is a must in my book. you are much more proper than i could ever be, I wish I as better about proper manners but thankfully I have enough sense to not air my dirty laundry on social media or wear white before or after labor day.

  4. We are really trying to instill the yes maam and no maam for Shelby. It's VERY important to me!!

  5. I read that the "white pants" rule was only started as a way of distinguishing "new money" rich wives from "old money" rich wives in the I don't mind wearing them. Actually, I do, but only because I am guaranteed to spill something!