Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hump Day Randoms!

I have a new respect for moms. I spent the night at our very good friends' house last night to help with their girls. The father was out of town (he is the Reverend that married us), and the mom has  broken leg. We got takeout from Harper's, and the mom and I enjoyed a glass of wine before bedtime. The youngest daughter and I read Stellaluna, and it may just be one of my new favorite children's books. I think the bats look like Trinket!
I dropped them off at school this morning, and I have to say they looked so cute in my backseat. I took their car seats back to their house at lunch, and then made a stop at Pink Sorbet. The After Party Sale was still going on and it did not disappoint! There was still a lot of stuff left, especially if you are XS, S, L, or XL. I wear an M at LP, so there was not quite as much in my size. I still managed to get the new Charlene shift (not part of the sale, but I really wanted it), a maxi dress that was majorly on sale, and this Shake Your Tailfeathers dress.
One nice thing about living in South Carolina is that I can get a ton of wear out of a dress like this. It was something like $44. I really couldn't get over the prices!!
Did anyone else hit up the After Party Sale?
What are your thoughts on LP doing a line for Target?
To be honest, I am not crazy about it. I do not think it will live up to the hype. I did the big Target craze for Missoni. At the time I was really disappointed that I didn't get more stuff. However, the things I did get wore out quickly and were cheaply made. I don't really know what I expected since it IS a line for Target. I also got a Philip Lim bag from Target when that collaboration came out, and it was absolutely terrible quality. The handles were tearing up within weeks of me having it.
I will probably go and get a few of the home items, such as the placemats and napkins when the line comes out, but I am not going to go crazy. It won't be the same quality, so it's just not worth it to me. I already feel like some items have gone downhill in quality since Lilly Pulitzer passed away. Some of the new items don't seem to be as well made as the older items I have. My grandmother started me on Lilly Pulitzer several years ago. My grandparents have always gone way overboard, and I am very grateful for that.
Happy Hump Day everyone! I am exhausted today after my night of fun last night, and have already cancelled Pure Barre so I can go straight home and rest.
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  1. i didn't get anything during the sale, last fall i snagged a maxi dress at an unbelievable price and i've not worn it once. i'm a huge fan of the dresses but usually the ones i love are not work appropriate and i stick to the solid knit ones (but no new colors were out there this year) Im interested to see what they put in stores at Target. I've never purchased any of the designers items from Target and like you just don't think the quality and price are fair when most designers have fairly good seasonal sales. I'm not paying $50+ for a LP for Target dress when I can snag a real LP on the sales.

  2. Well I am super excited for the LP line to come to Target, but you're right - I hope the quality doesn't change. That's a great price on the dress. I just bought our baby girl Kensington her first Lily dress, and it cost most than that - $48!

  3. I feel the same way about Lilly at Target--I'm really excited for the home items, but I don't think the clothes will be good quality. I do think that the brand has gone a little downhill the last few years.

    I had a decent amount of luck during the sale! It stays pretty hot here, so I'm always wearing Lilly from March-October. Obviously, I get tons of wear from it! Hope you're having a great week!

  4. I'm excited for the Target collection, if only to see what sort of home items and accessories they have! It will only be for a short time though, so all the people that are so upset about it can take solace in that :)

    xoxo, SS