Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring Fever

I have a super serious case of Spring (and Summer) Fever right now. It is ridiculous. I love summer, and can’t wait for it to get here. There are so many good times ahead in the coming months, and I am ready. Some things on our calendar:  
Feb. 7th - Miss Midlands Pageant (I am on the committee)
Feb. 14th - VALENTINE’S DAY! This is one of my most favorite days of the year and I have something great planned for me and Nick! It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and a surprise for him. (I am also doing a 5K that morning at the Mardi Gras festival with my friend Melanie.)
March 7th Fleetwood Mac! This has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I got tickets for Christmas.
March 13th – I have a final, but that means I am done with Clinical Evaluation! (It does not run the whole semester.)
March 14th – We leave for Mexico!!! We come back on the 20th.
March 21st – stuttering lab, again school related so not that exciting, but at this point any little step puts me just that much closer to graduation (August 2017) is how I choose look at it.
March 28th – The Carolina Cup! Nick hasn’t seemed super interested in going, but I am going to work on him. I haven’t been in YEARS, like at least ten years, and I want to go so badly.

April 5th - EASTER. Another one of my favorite holidays (and time bust out Spring/Summer Lilly).

April – a fun girls night with my “Ya Ya Sisterhood” at home is in the works. Actual date TBD.
April 26th – our ONE YEAR anniversary (not sure yet what we will do to celebrate)
May 3rd – family photos/anniversary photos at the beach with our wedding photographer
June 6th – My godson's FIRST birthday party!!!
June 13th – Kenny Chesney and Eric Church in concert in Atlanta. I got Nick tickets for Christmas. I feel like a lucky lady with so much to look forward to.
In the meantime, I am struggling to get through long days of work and school. I am just ready for the fun stuff to be here already. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!
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  1. so many exciting things. cant wait to hear what youve got planned for you and your hubby! also, youre going to mexico the day after my birthday. i am ultra jealous :)

  2. I am excited for spring and summer, too!
    Have you seen the list of traditional gifts for each wedding anniversary? I think yours will be paper this year. Ours is wood.

  3. I cant even think that far in advance but I've never been to Carolina Cup, why does the weather always seem to be awful! But I would totally love to go! I'm itching for a fancy trip again, where are you going in Mexico?

  4. so jelly about Fleetwood Mac!! It's sold out you know?????? :(
    We are going to the mountains for Vday to celebrate our 5th anniversary. :-)