Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

First and foremost, this weekend I got to see Nick!!! I hadn't seen him in TWO weeks. It felt like a month. I saw him both Friday and Saturday, so that was especially nice.
Friday I got off work early and drove to Hartwell, GA. I visited with Nick in his hotel and got all of his laundry. I met my Mom at the Islander after and had a late dinner. I had the calamari, which is amazing (like everything else on the menu there), and a Stoli martini with a lemon twist. I think a lemon twist complements vodka better than salty olives, although I love olives in general.  
 Friday night with my mom//Sunday night watching RHONJ
Yadi worn out from spending the weekend at Camp Bow Wow//I am way too serious about that martini
Saturday morning my Mom and I went to Starbucks and Prop Drugs in Anderson. I had to get a Lilly Pulitzer umbrella from Prop Drugs. Friday on my way to work I was unfortunately caught without one, as it was conveniently located in my husband's car in another state. I helped her do some things around her house that afternoon. That evening, Nick came and got me and we went on a date. It felt so high school to get picked up for a date at my Mom's house (although I've actually never lived at her new house). We went to Wild Wings to watch the Vandy game, and we were some of the very few Gamecocks there in a sea of orange.
Sunday morning we hit up Starbucks again, and then I was out the door to get to church for a Christening. One of my best friend's baby was Christened yesterday. It was a really nice service, and lunch at my friend's parents' house afterwards was A.MAZ.ING. Sunday night I watched The Cowboy Rides Away concert off DVR, made dinner, and then watched Real Housewives of NJ. I weighed myself this morning and was very surprised that I didn't gain any over the weekend.
I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Two! I haven't been apart from my husband for more than 18-ish hours since we got together. It must be really hard. :( Glad you were able to have some fun together.

    By the way, at my job, I deliberately dust the Gamecock merchandise in your honor, and leave the Clemson stuff dirty.

  2. I can't believe Nick was gone for 2 weeks!!! It sounds like you had a great weekend, though! I need to buy a Lilly umbrella. I think they're so bright and cheery in dreary weather!

  3. Being away from the hubby is always hard! Mine is going to be gone for 4 weeks soon! I dread it! I'm glad I checked in to see what was new with you! Sounds like you are doing great! Love the new look of the blog too! :)

  4. WOW! 2-weeks is a long time! What does he do for a living to keep him away? Yeah on no weight gain!