Thursday, July 17, 2014

The BIG 3-0

Saturday I turn 30. Growing up, I thought 30 was pretty old. I have a young mom, and I can well remember my MOM turning 30. And now I am 30. I am growing older, but I’ve also never been better. That might sound boastful to say about yourself, but I’m not trying to brag. It feels like I am in the sweet spot of life right now. My life is the best it's ever been. Given that, I can't be sad about getting older, or turning The Big 3-0. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been this excited about a birthday in a long time.

Like all of us, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. There were MANY good times in my twenties! There were also some not so great parts, but I learned a lot from the tough times. I feel like I am at a good age because I can look back on what I’ve learned (some of it learned the hard way), and also look forward to what the future holds.
In my twenties:
-My Mom and I took an amazing two week road trip across Texas
-I moved to Columbia to attend USC, and made some of my best friends for life
- I graduated from the University of South Carolina
- I got my first real job-it was a pretty sweet job for someone just out of college!
-Adopted Trinket
- I got laid off, like many other Americans, during the economic downturn
-Lived with my best friend Ashley
 The kitchen of our old house
At Lake Warren before a pageant
-Did a lot of pageants
The Hampton County Watermelon Festival Pageant was the most fun pageant I ever did
-was a bridesmaid
- After being laid off, I had to take a job that was a salary cut. I barely scraped by during the almost three years I was at this job.

 RIP Ricky. I miss you.
- Was too poor to eat.  One time Ashley and I ran completely out of groceries until pay day. I still remember going to a birthday party on that pay day. The birthday boy asked me, “So how was your first real meal of the week?” I am like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll never go hungry again!
-Dated someone that put me down constantly. Now I know that no one is worth going through some things, and you can’t change anyone. I am very thankful that God had someone better in store for me.
-Helped Nick pick out his our first home
- I moved on to a much better job
- I got engaged to the man of my dreams on December 15, 2012
-I got accepted to and started grad school. It is hard. Very hard. But I think back to how I struggled financially at my old job, and that keeps me going.
-Discovered my love for travel –The Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and Mexico have been some of my favorite places
- I hit the biggest I’ve ever been
- I lost 15 pounds for our wedding
-I got married
- I grew as a person and learned a lot
There were some mountain top experiences, and also hard times. There are some seasons of life that I am honestly SO glad are over. I learned from those times though. Going forward, I hope to keep changing for the better. Most of all, I thank God for blessing me with another birthday!


  1. This is such an uplifting post! I know we are at different places in our lives, but I am so happy for you embracing turning 30! I hope I can handle it with the same grace that you are when my turn comes in Sept!

  2. The 20's were some of the best times of my life too, but 30's were better. Now I'm inching up on 40!!!!!!!!!!! ;0
    Happy Early Birthday!

  3. No way, 30! you rock it girl. Love this post, Happy Early Birthday!!

  4. I hate how people worry about numbers so much. I believe that you're only as old as you make yourself feel!
    I am glad that you got away from the bad relationship. As you said, some people aren't going to change (or at least, aren't meant change at a particular time). Sometimes you have to forget about patience and forgiveness and just remove them from your life.

  5. It seems like you really lived it up in your 20s and it seems like 30 is off to a great start! Cheers to your thirties and happy early birthday!