Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Friends, we've almost made it to the weekend! That makes me happy. Lately I have let myself become super stressed over summer school, and I've started complaining too much. I am turning over a new leaf now, and having a more positive attitude.

I say WAY too often how I wish I had either majored in something that would have landed me a job making good money right out of college, or gone straight to graduate school. If I had, I could have been making a higher paying salary all these years. I have GOT to stop saying that to myself, and just be grateful that I have the opportunity to go to school now. I wanted to go back to school for YEARS and couldn't find a way to. I need to just concentrate on being thankful that I am doing it now. It's probably an overused phrase, but it's true - better late than never.

It is hard - so hard - to be an adult student who works full time, but I think it's going to be worth it in the long run.
I also found out that I CAN make a C in my program. I misunderstood and thought I couldn't make a C at all. You can't get below a B in the first year (these are called the leveling courses), but you can make a C after. The rule is that you can't have more than 12 hours of a C. I am really sad and disappointed, because this will be my first ever C at Carolina, but it is going to be OK. I just don't really get statistics, and I've really struggled with Research Methods this summer as a result.
You know what else makes me happy? Plans to get a few new LP items for Fall! I keep hearing so much about the new collection. I think my 8/15 paycheck may be a time to go check it out.
Thanks for reading!
p.s. If there are any other adult students out there, I would love to hear how you keep your sanity! I will be starting my second year of this madness, and I'm always trying to figure out new ways to balance it all.


  1. So what was your major in college? I didn't realize you worked full-time AND went to school!
    It will be worth it. My friend is a speech pathologist here in town and it's a very rewarding job.

  2. I also didn't know you were working full time and going to school! I tried that once... for three days. I decided I missed school and really wanted to go back, but I also needed to keep making my full-time job so I could pay off my student loans. I went to a graduate program for a Master's that I didn't even care about getting... so then I realized why put myself through this crazy hell and long schedules and all this stuff and spend all this money on something I don't want?!

  3. I also try not to think about what I could have or should have done. I think it occasionally useful to ponder those things, so we can learn from them and consider how to handle similar situations in the future, but I try not to dwell on them.