Monday, July 14, 2014

Fall Wish List

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend at home, but nothing worth recapping, so I'm just going to jump in with this year's Fall Wish List. This is last year's Fall Wish List. I can't believe it's almost that time again! I am jumping the gun a little with calling it Fall. We won't see Fall weather in SC until into October, so really it's more of a Back to School Wish List.
I'm trying to stick to casual clothes, and clothes that I can wear for school related things. I have plenty of dresses to wear to work, but need clothes that I can wear when I'm doing something like my observation hours in an elementary school. Last Fall semester on Wednesdays I had a 5:30 class after work and had to walk across campus. For reasons such as that, I NEED casual clothes.
I got a black fleece Northface last year, and I seriously wore it SO much. All winter. I wore it so so much, that I feel like adding a second into the rotation is justifiable. I have dress coats, and rarely wear them. I am not crazy about any of them, so maybe that is why. I don't feel the need to update them though.

This year in January I got two Del Ray tops and I wear then A LOT. The Loopy print with the little elephants on it is my favorite. They work for all seasons. Since I get a ton of use out of them, I think I can justify an Elsa for Fall. Again, this works with my rule of making myself stick to casual clothes. What's so great about this is that it will work for casual or dressy, work, school, or fun.

I don't have any Lilly Popovers, and again, the NEED for casual clothes. Y'all, it's real. When I finish school I will be having a career change, so I am not investing in more professional clothes. I could even be in scrubs daily after completing school. I am making do with the work clothes I have, and investing in casual clothes. I think this looks fun, and I will probably wear it a lot during the fall and winter seasons. I will also be missing wearing my Lilly shift dresses by then.
My other wants are black capri pants, which I can wear to work, school, etc. and I can wear with flats. The black capris I have need to be replaced badly. I got them in 2006 when I did an internship in college. I also want a turquoise sweater-the one I had from Express tore up. It was old, I bought it in 2009, and turquoise is my favorite color. I have a good bit of super old clothes, as I used to be poor. Maybe poor is not the right word, and certainly my basic needs were met, but I struggled. There was certainly not any money for wants. I made a pretty significantly low salary at the job I had before my current job, and I am not kidding when I tell you my clothes became threadbare. I plan to most a little more about this experience later on this week.
I would also like these, and I will need a new Lilly planner for 2015. I use the jumbo planner now, and I like it a lot. With everything I have going on it really helps me to have one place to write everything down.

 What are your current loves and wishes? Any big items for Fall?


  1. I need more LP in my life. The only thing that I own is a phone case. I sooo want that planner!!!!

  2. I love my express black capri / ankle length pants. express is my go to for pants.
    but really, Fall?! :)

  3. I always like to have a white hooded zip-up sweater. You can throw it over pretty much any outfit.