Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disguised Blessings

Does something ever happen and in hindsight you realize that it was a huge blessing and just how lucky you are?
Twice this week I have had something work out for me that left me very thankful things worked out the way they did.
My first instance of this was about my class schedule. I was really worried about one of my classes (not required for my degree, but I needed the hours and have already taken one of the two classes my program prescribes for this semester). For a few reasons I thought this class might be a disaster and Saturday I got an email from Amazon that my book order was cancelled and I would be issued a refund. The book was out of stock. I took that as my sign to find another class to take. I had been resisting doing so since I had already invested in the text book. That is pretty minor, but it felt like a big deal to me.
The second time this week I have been left thanking God for how things end up working out was last night. I went to a local bridal store a few weeks ago and almost purchased a Lazaro gown I really liked from there. I didn't pull the trigger because I wanted my Mom to have the final approval before I made such a big purchase. She always picked all my winning pageant dresses and just has an eye for picking a winner. We could never coordinate our schedules so she could meet me there to see the dress. I was a little frustrated that she wasn't being more accommodating to the bride (me), but we just couldn't line up a time. I ended up meeting my Mom at a store in Greenville because it was simpler, and got a dress I LOVE from there. Last night on the local news I saw that the store is closed and twenty seven brides cannot get in touch with them to get their dresses. I feel like I dodged a bullet.
I'm always amazed at how many times in life inconveniences, annoyances, and delays end up working out for the best.  
I'm sure everyone has experienced some instance of this. Bottom line, God is good and I am thankful for how things work out!


  1. i had a friend have a similar thing happen to her. the bridal shop up and closed and took her money no dress, they had to reorder from another shop.

  2. Thank GOD you didn't get screwed by Bella Vista! I hadn't heard great things about them to start with, but this just takes the cake! I cannot imagine what those brides are feeling.

  3. These little blessings in disguise happen all the time! So glad you are able to recognize and be thankful!

  4. Oh wow, those poor brides! I'm happy you didn't end up buying a dress from that store. It is funny how life works out sometimes, especially when it's for the better!