Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Midweek Randoms

1. Door to door sales people might just be the most annoying thing I have encountered in quite a while. Yesterday I was getting out of my car and walking to the mailbox, hands full of my lunch bag, gym bag, etc. and on the phone with my Mom when I was approached by one. I thought it that was SO rude to approach me to talk when I was clearly just coming home from work, had my hands full, and was speaking on the phone. RUDE!
2. Tomorrow I go to my Wednesday night class for the first time. Wednesdays are going to be long.
3. I had terrible insomnia last night, and that was a no fun (except watching the finale of Below Deck), however I did enjoy watching Yadi. I guess it his natural German Shepherd tendencies, he really patrols the house at night. The place where he went to obedience class offers a protection class, and I think he would be a natural. He makes me feel really safe.
4. The pants above are my first ever Lululemon purchase and I love love love them. They make me feel skinny, and that is worth the price tag to me. Hopefully they will hold up as well as they are supposed to.
Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I've heard that about those pants too but haven't sucked it up and bought some!

  2. Love the Lulu pants! I need a pair!

    P.S. We had recruitment last week, and the first day of class almost KILLED me. I'm still trying to recover this week, but I'm starting my intern on top of classes tomorrow. Whew, it will be a long day. Good luck at class! Xoxo