Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Housewife Hair

My newest style crush is Lisa on Real Housewives of Miami. Today I tried to achieve housewife hair for picture day at work, but it wasn't a success.

I have a lot of hair, seriously a head full, but it is super baby fine and will not hold anything. Today I told it that it has no integrity. It simply will not do what it should.
Does anyone know how to get housewife hair?

I have last night's RHOM on DVR waiting for me when I get off work and I can't wait! 
I am feeling depressed and panicked about school starting Thursday. I was excited, but after viewing the syllabus to one of my classes I am now just plain terrified.
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I don't know these woes, my hair is thiiiiick. But you are looking tiny girl, that dress is gorgeous.

  2. I use a paddle brush and blow dry my hair outwards (if that makes sense) when I'm doing my bangs to get that swoop! Your hair looks gorgeous, though!