Friday, August 23, 2013

Keep Going

Yesterday was the first day of school, which means things have been crazy for me at work, and also that I started classes.
I have to admit I spent most of this week feeling overwhelmed and even had moments of wondering if I made the right decision in going to school, and questioning why I thought I could handle going to grad school and working (I will stop working when I do clinicals).
BUT I know if I don't do this I will never get to where I want to be, so I am determined to keep going.
So far one of my classes seems OK. Not exactly easy certainly, but doable. Manageable. {As I side note, I've already started studying for that class and now IPA will never again be a beer to me.}
I'm over feeling defeated, because, well that just isn't really an option. I am super worried about the work load of one of my classes. I guess I will know more after I've been for the first time.
I'm really happy the weekend is here, and hope to get some rest. Work wore me out this week. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. Good luck, Fran! I am sure you will do great :-)