Friday, May 24, 2013

Life Lessons from My {Almost} 29 Years

This summer I'm turning 29, and if I've learned anything from my almost 29 years, the following lessons would be it.
I could probably also call this post Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned from Watching Sex and the City. I am actually old enough that this show was on the original time, on HBO, when I was in college.
A lot of these lessons are ones I learned (usually the hard way) in my Life Before Nick. Some are sort of a PSA for single ladies.  
1. No one worth knowing has ever worn weightlifting gloves in the gym. Ditto for bartending gloves.
2. Guys that wear Tapout shirts are tools.
3. There is a big difference from someone being sorry they did something, and sorry they got caught.
4. Also, while we are on the subject, DO NOT give people chance after chance (especially after they’ve proven themselves unworthy). After much heartache, you will FINALLY figure out some people are JUST.NOT.WORTH.IT.
5. When someone does something and your gut/instinct tells you to run for the hills, listen to it. RUN
6. Someone can go from being a truly good cherished friend to someone with whom you will end up cutting ties. Even though its sad, it happens and sometimes friends just outgrow each other.
7. The only way to get through some things is consuming wine, watching Sex and the City, and the passing of time.
8. Go ahead and splurge on the Mac. You won't be sorry.
9. If you can, buy yourself a present every pay day. That is your reward for working the past two weeks.
10. Since there are people that collect Lilly Pulitzer, I see a Lilly purchase as an investment in something I can always wear and will never go out of style.
11. You have to meet all the wrong people before you can appreciate meeting the right person.
12. I had always heard people say this, and it ended up being so true for me. You will meet Mr. Right when you least expect it. For me, not only was I not expecting it, but I had given up all hope that meeting Mr. Right was in my future. Then Nick came into my life :)
I hope y'all liked my little list. Have a great weekend!!

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