Monday, May 13, 2013

Bahamas Recap {Part 1}

I'm back from vacation, and back to the daily grind. The Bahamas were hands-down amazing!!!
I overanalyze everything. This was my first cruise, and I was concerned about safety on the ship and cleanliness after all the horror stories you hear in the news about cruises. Plus, I'm sort of a clean freak. I didn't gain this trait until we Nick bought our house, but here I am, a reborn clean freak.
Our ship was called Bahamas Celebration. The ship was spotless, and I peeked into one of the kitchens and it was very clean as well. The staff was nice, and it seemed safe. The food was pretty good too - I would compare it to the food at the Hilton I where I used to work.
Towel animals. I love these. It's the little things y'all.
We spent two days in Fort Lauderdale before we boarded our ship. We went to a little tiki bar one night that had been on one of our favorite shows, Bar Rescue.
We spent all day Thursday in Freeport. We didn't book anything through the ship. We just did our own thing, and booked a dolphin excursion through Nick's credit card concierge service.
{Sparky's in Freeport}
{Breakfast on the ship}
 {I was sorry I didn't get any pics of these phone booths when we went to the British Virgin Islands, so I was sure to take plenty when I saw one on this trip.}
 {Welcome to Freeport}
We made some friends on the ship. This sweet couple from New Jersey, and also a group of five college girls from FL. We all had dinner together the last night.
The dolphins were so special they deserve a post all their own, so I will do a part two dedicated just to them. I still can't believe I got to meet a dolphin. I told Nick we have to get a salt water pool and adopt our own pet dolphin. He didn't seem too big on the idea. :-)
Happy Monday!

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  1. glad you had a great trip. i love the show Bar Rescue, glad to know i'm not the only one