Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big Hair, Little Dog

Big hair, little dog. My and Trinket's new motto for life. Like Priscilla Presley and her dog, Honey.
I was looking at pictures of Priscilla online because I can't help but notice how much Megan Draper's style on Mad Men looks like Priscilla. Does anyone else think so?
I have to admit, Megan is growing on me. I was Team Betty forEVA, and didn't get why everyone loved Megan. I think it's her fantastic wardrobe and cat eye makeup that finally won me over.
I want all of her clothes. She makes me want to be brunette again, too. Her clothes on the trip to Hawaii on this season's first episode were to die for.
I think her bright clothes have been on my mind, because I went to Belk yesterday after work and splurged on a simple cotton Lilly dress for our trip.

{Cordon dress, Let's Cha Cha print}
Happy Hump Day!! 


  1. I've never watched Mad Men. I don't know why, I'd probably like it. Love the Lily dress!

  2. cute dress! Your engagement pic is beautiful!